Friday, May 30, 2008

Money, money, everywhere but not a coin to spend!

It's that frightful season again. The season where vacations are almost over, and you're moping about all over the place because you don't want to go that frightful hellhole (Read: school / college) you left behind last term. Seriously, why didn't I burn the building the last time, yaar, you question yourself over and over, but the reopening day just looms closer, in answer. Familiar? And don't say you enjoyed going to school / college, dear reader. Because traitors aren't allowed on my blog. :P

This year's funny for me though. I've just appeared for my TYBA exams, and don't plan to complete my Masters or anything immediately. So the next logical thing for me to do is take up a job, which I would really love to do. It's a weird feeling, of not going to a new year of education this year, but to something that grown ups seem to do. For at least a year or two (till I resume my education again), it'll be a life of catching trains, struggling to make it on time, working, mad colleagues, learning to grin and bear it, and so many other things. Wow! I'm growing up. And kindly don't leave 'you-think-working-life's-gonna-be-easy-think-again' messages. I know it's going to be trying. But just let me discover it for myself, ok? Thanks.

Now when I get my first salary, I need to buy quite a lot of things. I can't keep asking mum and dad for the dough every two days. Aaaargh! Goodness knows I need a job that pays me at least a lakh per month. That should be enough, me thinks. For now, these are an absolute priority. And I'm thinking of pawning my pearlies till I raise the funds for all my needs. (I DO have very pretty pearlies. You can eat your dinner off them!). Here goes:
  1. An external harddisk (For the amazing movies stuck on Mikachu's computer).
  2. A Creative Mp3 player (To filter out the rubbish songs that the gym churns out. Race songs, to be precise.)
  3. Books. At last count, there are about 7,567 books that I want to read.
  4. Get enough fuel and roam about in my car. In your FACE, railways!
  5. Gym clothes. Track pants especially. Also, I saw these amazing Nike tees that I must own. Damn you, Rebecca Bloomwood! (What? Shouldn't I be rewarded for my dedication?)
  6. Gym shoes for dad. The ones he currently owns are a nasty grey that I refuse to acknowledge.
  7. Clothes. For the rains. I haven't shopped in the entire summer, so I simply must, now. I NEED CLOTHES. For those of you horrible ones who have money at your disposal, Inorbit has some really good stuff you'd like. AND DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON CROCS. (Hate you for back-stabbing me on that one, Mikachu! :O)
  8. Bags. Jute. Leather. Everything. Raid. Baggit. Atria Mall.
  9. Mikachu's 21st birthday. Want to give her a birthday she can talk about to her five hundred grandchildren on her deathbed.
  10. A big treat when the White Phoenix comes to Mumbai. Since that isn't happening ever, my money's safe.
  11. Take a trip out of the city. The last time I went out was to Kashid. Last year. Funnily enough, on the first of June itself. :'( This time though, I'm gonna catch a flight.
  12. Buy lovely stuff for the all the people I love. To death.
  13. Try out Thai food. (Now why haven't I done that before?)
Ok, that's a scary list. I stopped adding items to that before I jumped off the terrace. Maybe tthe ones in my head will go away if I ignore them. Worth a shot, no? Perhaps selling my teeth as antiques from the Mauryan dynasty, to an unsuspecting foreigner at Colaba, is the only way to raise enough money for my escapades. :( Why is all the money in the world with Paris Hilton, Mukesh Ambani and the lecherous fatso Vijay Mallya?

Beats me.

Signing off. Hopefully the next time I update, I'll have a job or something.



G@K said...

You'll also need to buy time to shop for that big shopping list...
A quick question...Is ur Mikachu a rabbit? 500 grand children??? :O

mistercrowley said...

Yeah...500 grandkids?!?!!!?
Also...good girl...Uncle Crowley says 'stay away from those crocs' ;)

Anonymous said...

come little moo, i will take you shopping. Will try and get you a job where you earn 1.5 a months.

Ill put my best effort.

ya what do i get in return.

Over Rated said...

Wow .. Gettin a job .... eatin thai food ...

Our little calf's growin into a full-fledged Cow ...

we cudn't be prouder ...
*sniff* *sniff*

Moo said...

@ G@k:

Baby, when you have the money, buying time isn't THAT big a deal. :P And well, Mikachu loves kids, so I'm guessing 500 grandkids is something she won't mind. ;)

@ Unca Crowley:

Some people like children a bit too much. Do you mind? :p

And about them Crocs, I wouldn't puke on them. Although goodness knows they'll only look prettier.

@ Anonymous a.k.a Zander:

Please leave your name next time, silly billy! :D In return for all the shopping and the big fat job, you get my blessings and undying adoration. Also, I will name your kids when you have them. Now when do I forward ze CV? :p

@ Overrated:

I can't believe it myself. Just a few years ago I was this little calf in pigtails and eating lollypops. :P Now Thai food! Although I still can't use a knife and fork to save my life. :(

I need to go to Maureen Wadia and learn how to eat 'Vaada Paaf' with chopsticks!

Gentle Whispers said...

Tell me about it. I just blew up 4000 bucks today on clothes. I need lots more money. I saw lovely bags at Baggit. That I so so want. :D

Also, I don't want to work. *Sob*. I want to go back to college life.

Homecooked said...

Wow....u shop at Inorbit! Its my favourite place to hang out whenever I am in India...but sadly cant afford it :) I love spending time in the Crossword bookstore. By the way if you get a job that pays 1 lakh per mth, let us know...we too are interested!

Saroja said...

:D :D :D

Visited this place after a long time. The summer seems to have given you a deep fun-tan. Moos will be moos. Moost amoosing!