Monday, June 25, 2007

Things that Frighten Me

I don’t know why I’m even writing this post. I am pretty sure I’m inviting trouble and ridicule for myself, but let’s just say I’m in a daredevil mood. So here goes.

1. Escalators.
2. The thought of escalators.
3. The thought of falling off escalators.
4. The thought of falling off an escalator when I’m wearing a skirt.
5. Water.
6. A ride in a speed boat.
7. Creepy, crawly, slimy insects.
8. Completely bald men.
9. The rain.
10. Thoughts about falling off trains, or dying under one.
11. Crossing roads
12. The dark.
13. My mum, when I’ve annoyed her.
14. Meeting friends I’ve avoided speaking to.
15. Exams, when I know even the bluffing had better be good.
16. Unfinished homework.
17. Dogs.
18. Pups.
19. Cats.
20. Animals (to cut a long story short).
21. Footsteps.
22. Thoughts about dead bodies (Why do I even have such thoughts, again?)
23. Ghosts.
24. Speed.
25. Rash drivers.
26. Eating with forks, knives, spoons and other apparatus.
27. Sons and Lovers.
28. Falling asleep in the midst of dumb lists.

Good night, if you aren’t asleep already.