Monday, March 27, 2006

Tales of a Cheater

“What do I without him? Why me?” she kept on asking me between continuous sobs.
“Oh for Pete’s sake get a life!” I wanted to scream. Yeah so a guy dumped you. “He must have just found someone better”, I thought bitchily. Giving myself a satanic smile, I patted her shoulder.
“Aww come on Tanya, you’re smart, pretty, witty. You’ll find someone soon”, I told her sympathetically.
“But I don’t want anybody. I want Sid. He was my fiancĂ© for god’s sake! You don’t think we came this far, for nothing, do you?” she asked me indignantly, bursting into a fresh spell of sobs.
This was Tanya. My best friend since school. We walked to school together, did our homework together, played together, went to the same college, basically knew almost everything about each other. She was so excited when she had just met Siddharth Arora, a software engineer. “He’s such a darling, he’s so thoughtful”, she went on and on about him. “Yeah yeah, he’s such a cow, and his nose is so much like a pig”, I used to think. Giving my self another grin, I continued reminiscing. I had nothing against the chap, mind you. He was nice, gentle, caring, someone just right for Tanya. A bit of a sissy, if you ask me. Like that guy from Dil Chahta Hai who had specific bathroom timings. Haha. Not my type. Speaking of DCH, I had found Aamir Khan’s character rather hot. Now that’s my type. Someone bratty and don’t carish.
Just last month, Tanya and Sid had gotten engaged. Both seemed very happy with the arrangement. But obviously Sid wasn’t, as we had just found out. A friend of Tanya’s had told her two days ago, that she saw Sid at a club kissing a girl. She recognized Sid, but she hadn’t been able to make out who the girl was. A disbelieving Tanya went to ask him about it, more than certain that he’d laugh it off, but unfortunately, he admitted to cheating on her. Naturally, the engagement was called off, and Tanya was here, crying her heart out.
“Why me? I mean, we were so good together,” she went on, her eye-liner all over her face, by now. “And we had such beautiful plans, now that Sid had gotten that huge promotion.”
Sid’s company recently had sealed a new contract with an international company, and he had been promoted to the post of an assistant manager. That meant, a huge salary, plus other perks. He was quite an eligible bachelor. And if you ignored the fact that he was a bit of a pansy, quite a good catch.
“I’m certain the new girl’s hotter than I am. And that bitch must be after the money!” she angrily exclaimed. I was surprised to hear that we were both thinking along the same lines. About the money, that is.
“Come on, honey! He doesn’t deserve someone like you. He’s just proved that. Chalo, lets grab something to eat. Get up!” I urged her. Frankly I was sick of hearing the same old lines for the past two hours.
“No, you carry on. I’m not hungry. I just want to die,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes, afresh. Then as an afterthought she added, “What would I do without a friend like you? I would have really killed myself if it weren’t for you.”
“Now stop with the compliments, I’m not half as nice as you are,” I said distractedly. My cell was buzzing in my pocket. “I’ll be right with you. Just need to get to the window ; network issues.”
My cell was flashing a bright blue. I picked it up and whispered, “Hi darling! I’m at Tanya’s place. For the past half an hour, she’s been getting on my last spare nerve, guessing exactly why you must have cheated on her!”