Thursday, November 29, 2007

An SMStolary story....

“jst came bck 4m wrk out. wil showr n buzz u. tc.”

“ok. cal soon. hav to tel u smthng.”

“bck. feelng gr8 now. Wats up?”

“dhruv n shamila getng marrid!!! finaly nt w8ing 4 parnts prmissn. Wild na?”

“wat!!!!!!!! shit! Dhruv mad kya? Shamila’s parnts will murdr both. d marrge wil wrk only if dey move out of d cntry. lol.”

“i knw ya. tried teling dem. neway, d big day’s this weeknd. Cm to court, k? smal party aftr d rgistratn. I gtg nw. seeya satrdy. *hugs*

------- xoxox -------

“dhru & sham fckin eloping! pia msgd. Satrdy weding. u cn close dat mouth nw! :D”

“i cnt blve dis. u takng my case kya?”

“na na. honest. Strday aa jana. maja ayenga. seeya”

------- xoxox -------

“D mst bizar thng has happ. sid (d guy in my bldg) sez ur cuzin getng marrid to sum guy in secrt. lol..ur fmily’s rockin!”

“wat d fck? R u sure? Wil kil u if dis is a joke…”

“arey ma kasam. go chck na. dnt kil me. :)”

------- xoxox -------

“Man, u rock. Thnks so mch. D bitch was planng to run away ystrdy. Tld my folks n dey tld hers.

They’ve lockd her up. Frnticaly lookng 4 grooms now. Thnks agn. U savd evrythng. wil cal u latr.”

------- xoxox -------

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When my best friend became a victim...

This post is dedicated to someone very special. And also to a bad phase she is going through.

There are days, and there are days. And there are some days, that change your life forever. And there’s nothing you can do to stop your life from taking a turn you know, is going to result in pain and misery.

Something along those lines happened to the person I know. Stupid cliché, but the years I’ve known her, I’ve hardly seen her grumpy or unhappy. Such a beautiful, sunny personality she was. And why shouldn’t she be? Lovely friends, an angelic family and an overall perfect life – she had everything she needed. It’s really scary how the nicest things in life are too good to be true.

And then this very special friend of mine (who turned out to be incredibly stupid), went and joined the gym.

*insert loudly weeping smiley here*

For those of you who have previous experience(s) with that hell called the ‘gymnasium’, I need to ask you a few questions. Allow me.

1. Why is that place such a hellhole?

2. Why do hot guy with the pert-est behinds always have to work out next to you?

3. Why do said guys have to do the same exercise you’re doing, at the same time, and better?

4. Why do said said guys have to be discovered only when you’re at your shapeless best?

5. Who the fuck invented push-ups and crunches?

6. Is the whole thing a conspiracy to finish newbies off within a week, and pocket their money?

7. How many bonus points does the gym instructor get, if he manages to do away with me before the week’s up?

8. How can making my stomach muscles hurt even when I laugh, make me smashin’ looking?

9. And is it me, or does it even hurt to think?

10. Is this how someone feels when the will to live is lost?

11. When can every conceivable muscle in my body (and also some that don’t exist) stop yelling for help?

Good night. I need to sleep. You must sympathize with me, considering this thing’s making me go to bed at 10 in the night. And if you see a fat girl trying her best to push, pull, shove, headbutt, grunt at, etc. with fancy looking weights, kindly stop and say hi.