Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just an iPod?

Watching an Aamir Khan movie every year is turning out to be jinxed. When things go wrong everytime you watch his flick, for three consecutive years, there has to be something wrong.

When I went to watch Taare Zameen Par in 2007, my sister and her fiance (now husband) met with a bad auto rickshaw accident.

Last year, when I went to watch Ghajini with Lammy, I lost my brand new Mango shades in the theatre.

Today, as I returned from watching 3 Idiots, I left my iPod Classic behind somewhere. And it's gone. Forever.

Most people think I'm being shallow and supremely materialistic (which I am), but that piece of technology was by far my most prized possession. It was the reason so many tedious, long drives became joyful and memorable.

It was my sole travel mate, steadily killing the mundanity (is that a word?) of traveling long hours. It kept me company when I was so damn tired after a hard day's work. When I was too tired to read, but had to stay awake, lest I missed my station.

It killed all unwanted sounds and conversation. We all know how important it is to tune out. And it helped me do just that. Tune out the frivolous banter in office, the ear-drum bursting sound of traffic, everything.

It made me fall in love. With music. With a man. With life. Don't ask me how. It just happened.

So many memories.

And you say it's JUST a piece of machinery?