Thursday, May 15, 2008

So many men, so little aspirin!

What with the passage of Mothers' Day recently, I've decided that too much importance is given to some really sad things, at times. Why do Mothers need a special day? If they're that special to you, you wouldn't treat them like dirt now, would you? And if you do treat them like the queens they are, why do you need a special day to prove it? That's what I don't like about these generic days. Anyhoo, realisation also hit me in the head about how there are very few days attributed to men. Father's day, maybe, but I for one don't even realise when it comes and goes.

Ah well, so this post goes out to the men in my life (not in the amorous way, you perverts!) who've poked out big chunks of my heart and refuse to give it back. :)

1) Daddy Dearest: Undoubtedly, he's been in my life even before I was born, and needless to say, I'm Papa's little darling. Maybe he's the only one in the world, who thinks I still am little. Till the end of time, he's the guy who'll always have the largest chunk of my heart and a copyright to all the tiny pecks on the cheeks. I can still go sit on his lap, plant him with surprise hugs, and cuddle into his arms in the middle of the night, without him complaining of disturbed sleep. And how many dads get up from a well-deserved nap to bail you out of a tiny car mishap, ala Austin Powers? And did I mention he's my gymming partner? No? My driving instructor? No? Ah well, he's all those things too. In turn, I'm the one who dutifully laughs at the PJs, plays secretary, computer technician and instructor at times. We have our tiffs and verbal punches at times, both being impatient, but pah! Who doesn't? So Pa, please don't ever get old, and stop telling me when to brake when I'm driving! :P

2) Zander: I've written a whole post for this guy. And ever since then, he's been acting extra nice to me, picks up calls when required, etc. Guess a little diplomacy never hurt anyone. So I'm just going to attach an extra special hug here and stop yapping about him further, else his head gets bloated and is unable to fit through the doorframe. * hug *

3) G@K: My sweetheart of a brother. The two of us are not related, except by a special connection of the dil, and he'll always be the amazing person that he is. Always concerned, and perpetually worried about my well-being, I'm glad he's not related to me in anyway. The cousins, etc. that I do have are the most annoying creatures on earth. I'm kinda glad that I have a brother who isn't remotely connected to anyone but me. I'm missing this crazy guy with the corny jokes, ever since he moved to Australia two months ago. :( Not that we met often, but I always knew I could pop to his place when I needed to. One of my biggest saharas in Mumbai, is no more in Mumbai. Hmph. But the good thing is, we get to talk more often and catch up with each other constantly, funny as that may sound. God bless GTalk. And I better see you soon, G@k! You owe me a lunch at the Taj. :P

4) Phoenix: This person is my 3 a.m. friend. We've never ever met in person, but already know so much about each other! He'll buzz and message me at all weird hours of the night, because he knows his message will rarely remain unanswered. We keep thinking of new ways to be mean to each other, but he'll grudgingly admit that I reign supreme, always. (Heck! It's my blog. I can say whatever I want about myself. :P) One of the only people I know who's reading sensibilities match mine, we're constantly recommending books to each other. He's really brainy and stuff, but never once will believe it himself. Just don't get him started on himself, and you'll be fine. :D And also don't ever believe when he says he's coming to Mumbai to catch up with you soon, because ultimately, he's a filthy liar. :P But he's a close friend, so if anyone were to kidnap him, I might consider paying his ransom (if it's not above a hundred bucks). :P Love you Phoenixikins! :)

Ah well, there ya go! If I've missed out any men from the list, it simply means that you need to work harder to make me rattle off your name from the top of my head. There's no point in painstakingly remembering you, right? Now go away, and don't attack me with acid. :P


G@K said...

... Can I not say nething for once...I'm speechless...
Love u loads lil sis. Muah!

ess said...

slightly, where and how does the aspirin come in here?

the white phoenix said...

:D . I knew i was brainy and stuff, but modesty and humilty had to prevail so never made it obvious. MOTS : Me awesome.:P

Thanks Moo, I do cherish your friendship and ofcourse the 3 am converstaions. Shouldn't be saying this aloud but still what the hell - You are awesome and and a 24 hour entertainment channel.

Keep on recommending me the books and believe me i will be there in mumbai any time soon[:D] (but believe it at ur own risk)

chandni said...


buit the aspiring..

the only connection I can make is when its about men, how can aspirin be far behind! they're a headache sometimes :D

Over Rated said...

You are so right. We men have no special day. I think we should have a day dedicated to us where we can start drinking in the morning, have chicken wings for breakfast, pizza for lunch and are passed out by dinner.

Come to think of it, if that is the case, then for me everyday would qualify. Funny init?

Another edition of moo jokes:

q: Which is Moo's favorite city in the US?

a: Moo York

*runs away faster but trips because is drunk*

*hopes moo doesn't bar him from commenting anymore*

*knows moo is actually laughing very hard right now*

Mugger Much said...

Sweet :)

churningthewordmill said...

hey moo...found u thru chandni.. u've got a nice blog... will take my time and read up previous posts :)

aninda said...

intresting read ... liked the uncoventional ways of thts ... good read :)