Monday, September 26, 2011

A tangled warp of emotions

His undying declarations of love.
Her consistent refusals.
His pesky persistence.
Her impatient refusals.
His promises to keep her happy.
Her change in perspective.
His falling in love more than ever before.
Her seeing him in a different light.
His continuous proposals.
Her 'yes'.
His being over the moon.
Her being in love, finally.
His doing everything to keep her happy.
Her finally having found 'the one'.
His deciding he has found his wife.
Her similar thoughts on the matter.
His making her a part of his world completely.
Her finding communication a tough task.
His not spotting the problem.
Her bringing it to his notice.
His promises of doing better.
Her promises of working at it, too.
His taking her for granted.
Her resentment.
His hurt.
Her blind eye.
His cutting words.
Her cutting words.
His despair.
Her apathy.
His wondering what to do next.
Her knowing exactly what to do next.
His panic.
Her broken heart.
His pleas.
Her stony heart.
His uncontrollable loss.
Her tears.
His awareness of an unfilled void.
Her memory of him.
His memory of her.
Her losing her soulmate.

Oh, that gaping hole for life.