Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let's give peace a chance

I've never written a movie or book review in my life. And I don't think I will anytime soon, either. Right now, I'm going to talk about 'Khuda Kay Liye', a movie I've finished watching not more than five minutes ago. A movie, that has moved me in ways no other movie has, in a long long time. This is by no means a review; this is an experience.

Most people I know haven't seen Khuda Kay Liye, rejecting it simply because it is a product from Pakistan. The reasons range from bizarre ones like "There are so many Indian movies I have to still watch...Pakistani ones can wait!" to "You think Pakistanis can make good movies?". Well, someone even said that Muslims or anything remotely related to them depresses him. See how xenophobic we are on a day-to-day basis, without even realising it?

The movie addresses many issues, like how fundamental Muslims are completely at loggerheads with the progressive, liberal Muslims. Furthermore, it even probes into how all Muslims, even the unsuspecting, innocent ones, are looked upon as terrorists especially post 9/11. The film aims to educate and open the common Muslim woman's eyes and makes her aware about her rights and in places, even explains what the Koran actually means for women. There is such a complex, warped web of issues surrounding the community, that it is all very overwhelming to take in all at once. But that is exactly what this movie aims to do. Provoke the viewer into thinking for himself and not to subject himself to blindly accepting what the religious heads have to say, as well as to remind him that he has no right to paint the entire community black because of terrible experiences with certain members. Because simply put, a handful of bad eggs don't make up the entire basket.

All through the time I was watching the movie, I kept feeling sorry for the one of the lead characters and the torturous treatment doled out to him, because of his religion. And all I kept yelling in my head was, that he's NOT at fault. LET HIM GO already! For me, he was an innocent human who was framed through no fault of his. Shouldn't we be treating all our Muslim brothers from all over the world as humans first, Muslims later?

True, most terrorists these days turn out to be Muslims. But why do we resultantly look at every Muslim suspiciously? We know of Hindu, Sikh or Christian criminals. But do we look at everybody with scrutiny? Can we deny that the thought - 'Oh, he's a Muslim' doesn't cross our mind for a flitting second, the minute we're introduced to one? Why does this happen? And how did anybody let this reach this stage?

One thing everyone must remember, is that in every community, we will find all types of people - the liberal, the fanatic, the fundamentalist, the atheist, the agnostic - it takes all kinds to make up a community. But no one has the right to ill-treat someone on the basis of a community, much less ill-treat someone because they belong to one.

And lastly, if we must hate somebody, can we at least do it in peace, without bloodshed?

P.S. All views in this post are entirely mine. If you don't agree with them, too bad. Just read and let go , ok?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Children: A reality check on why I don't want any...

Readers who've been reading all the frustration I've been churning out over the years, know my contempt for children of all shapes, sizes and ages. For the uninitiated, I think children should be locked in the bathroom the minute they're born and released after they turn eight years old or something.

Which brings me to the topic of discussion. Why don't I see any well-behaved, polite children anywhere around me these days? And why does everyone around me think that these excruciatingly bratty kids are awfully cute, while I think they're just plain awful? In retrospect, I sometimes wonder if it's really a child's fault for turning out the way it does, or its parents'.

Everywhere I go, I can't walk around any place in peace without stubbing my toe on a brat. And I'm not referring to just any simple, uncomplicated brat. But the sort of brat whose neck you want to wring with your bare hands and whose remains you want to eat for breakfast. You encounter such species in malls, restaurants, theatres, mobile stores, beauty parlours, trains and any other conceivable place. These kids believe that their entire world is their playground, so they won't waste a minute playing catch-and-cook or hide-and-seek, in which case they simply lock themselves up in an unsupervised changing rooms and refuse to come out, despite the long line of customers that gradually starts building up outside.

I really don't understand where the parents of these kids come from. Wouldn't a normal, self-respecting human being feel at least an iota of shame when their kids are given annoyed glances, disgruntled looks or in some cases, told to shut up? Turns out, not really. Mamma dearest turns all protective about her offspring and gives the wronged party a dirty look in return. Sometimes, she may even throw in her favourite argument: "Agar bacche nahi masti karenge toh kaun karega?"

No, mummy dearest. I get that you unfortunately, love your child. But I don't get why your child should go ahead and spoil everyone's time and experience. I also can't fathom why you think your child is so cute when he's clearly behaving like Satan's spawn. If you have any argument in your favour, I'd like to hear it. But don't be surprised if I throw my shoe at you in the middle of the conversation. Goodness knows you have nothing to say in your defense.

These are the exact same parents who will happily continue shopping in malls, when their children are on some other floor playing havoc with the toys. These are the same parents who encourage their children to sit on sofas and beds with their shoes on, in expensive furniture shops. Such parents don't bother stopping their children from doing anything, like playing with the gas right upto talking back to whoever's in front of them. Forget trying to stop them; they make merry these disgusting habits thereby encouraging the child to become increasingly difficult day by day.

Don't these parents realise that they're being nothing but bad parents? That they don't need to prove their love to their children by indulging every whim and fancy? What makes them so afraid to show their kids who's the boss? The possibility that their children might hate them? That's a little impossible, considering a six year-old will remember that its mother rebuked it for drawing on the walls, for only about 10 minutes. At the most it will cry, throw a tantrum and not hover around its mother for sometime. Surely the mother can live with that?

Most importantly, don't you realise you're making your child a less likeable, annoying, whimpering, complaining little piece of hate? A someone who is not used to taking no for an answer and hence, not used to tasting bits of failure now and then?

Perhaps I don't have the right to teach you how to bring up your children. But please, keep your beloved offspring away from constantly staring into my plate and reaching out into my food when I'm trying to enjoy a decent meal at a restaurant. Or don't blame me if I give your child a resounding slap the next time.

Or maybe I'll save the slap for you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is all very well, but I'd specifically asked for the Pulitzer!

Teehee! :D *blush blush*

It's award time again! *drumroll*

My humble benefactress The Gentle Whisperer has been doling out awards again. If it wasn't for her, I would never get to practice the Pulitzer speech I have prepared (in case of emergency). This time, she's given me two awards (she either has no people to award them to, or she's as blind as a bat), both very flattering. *drumroll 2*

The first one is The Lovely Friends Award. It's nice to know that at least someone apart from me thinks I'm lovely.

So I'm gonna pass this award on to some people who really deserve it. Here goes. *drumroll 3*

Sakshi: For patiently checking my blog every so often, in spite of knowing that I don't bother with timely updates. She always leaves the nicest comments behind and is, in short, a dream blog friend!

Sreejith: Again, for commenting on every post without fail, in spite of knowing that I am lazy to return the favour. Completely non-judgmental, feel-good blog visitor. You deserve every bit of this award. :)

Meow: A very dear friend, both on and off the blog world. This award must go to her, because we rediscovered each other ONLY because of the blog. :) Love you loads, my favourite Kitty! *hug*

Monica: Always around to give out feedback on my writing when needed, and so extremely patient even when I simply forget to check the stuff she sends me. Sometimes I'm surprised she even speaks to me. Mon Mon, this award is in anticipation of the forgiveness I will need, when I forget to read what you send me next! :P

Pliss to note: This time, this award will NOT include the following losers:

1) The White Phoenix - I have wasted 65000 awards on this man, in vain. Nor only does he acknowledge the award, he apparently thinks even talking about it is beneath him. I am completely looking through him this time.

2) The Nicest Geek - Over time, I have discovered that The Nicest Geek is not so nice after all. He lurks and lurks and lurks all over my blog and does not deign to comment. He can do without an award too.

3) The Wiseass: Highly opinionated, extremely judgmental blogger, who can even be a troll when she wants to. That's my sister for you. She's a really tiny troll though. So I'm gonna call her a trolley. :P

After all the niceties, it's now time to present the second award. I have no clue what The Gentle Whisperer was thinking when she was giving me this. Perhaps she knew I'd sulk if I wouldn't be included. So ladies and gennemen, this year's 'Blogger with a Purpose' award goes to...


*insert sounds of fake clapping, cheering and screaming here*

I'm really pleased to know that someone seems to have discovered a purpose for my blog. I still don't know what it is, though. Being vain and devoting a LOT of cyberspace to yourself surely has its benefits.

And I oh-so-generously pass on this award to:

1) Sakshi: Not because there's no one else. But because she's so completely open about her feelings, without wanting to sound politically correct. It's brave how she discusses extremely personal subjects like her relationship and her own thoughts about so many things so openly, without caring about being judged. That's quite impressive and commendable. Way to go, Sakshi! :)

2) Sreejith: Someone who has nothing to do with writing, but still writes anyway. Because he acknowledges the beauty of writing as a medium to convey feelings. On a side note, a very good read and a talented blogger. This one's for you!

3) Meow: Someone who absolutely is a delight to read and whose sole purpose is to keep everyone around her blog entertained, plus be brutally frank. Her blog is one of the few I can't WAIT to be updated. This is her award. :)

4) Ess: Amazing read, very witty, completely entertaining with careful consideration to punctuation. I think the last bit is what especially stole my heart. :)

For all ye hopefuls who couldn't make it to the list, go home and think about your life. Maybe you can make it next year by sheer hard work and earning the award. However, a quicker way would be to buy me doughnuts from M.O.D or gift vouchers from Promod.

Bribes aren't illegal in the virtual world. :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your daddy should be safely locked up at home when you're driving, because...

1) It's the worst idea to let him sit in the seat next to you.
2) He forgets that you're four years past the legal driving age, and that you've been driving for almost two years now.
3) He will painfully point out every signal, every pothole and every pebble on the road, expecting you to slow down.
4) He wants to be a part of your life's major decisions, like whether you're going to use the dipper at the next junction or simply wait for the guy on the bicycle pass by you smugly.
5) He gets hyper when your car stalls.
6) You aren't supposed to lose your temper through the course of the drive. Even if it means bursting a blood vessel somewhere in the inner depths of your brain.
7) It's always your fault if the car next to you comes too close for comfort.
8) He goes all 'AAAAAAAAARGH WATCH OUTTTTTTTT' when all you did was forget to slow down at a speed breaker. He then yells at you for swerving to the left when he screamed.
9) He tells you to keep your foot off the clutch, after every three minutes.
10) When he's not discussing the general well-being of the clutch, he wants to know if you can clearly see all the cars coming at you in the rearview mirror.
11) He behaves like you're driving with your eyes closed or while you're painting your nails.
12) He clearly becomes the reason you have no fingernails left.
13) He has a problem with the music you play.
14) He keeps his hand on the handbreak throughout the drive, almost as if you might switch the wipers on instead of stepping on the breaks, in an emergency.
15) You can't call the passing biker 'ABEY GANDOOOO' freely and loudly with daddy next to you. Trust me, he will kill you for your colourful vocabulary before killing the biker who broke the mirror.
16) He's a darned good driver himself and you secretly wish you could drive and / or learn to park like him.
16) He sadly knows he's an awesome driver. :(

Friday, May 01, 2009

The post that proves I'm wasted...

What can be worse than a writer's block? I know! The fact that you have tens of thousands of ideas and incidents happening to you, but nothing coming out of it when you actually sit down and bloody write! *insert angry smiley here*

Ok, that's not entirely true. A colleague told me about this fantastic site, where I can watch ALL episodes of Grey's Anatomy for free! :D Ok, I'm a little retarded like that and didn't know one could even do something like that in the first place. But believe me. My personal life has gone for a toss since this discovery. While on the one hand I feel like giving away giant bear hugs to the colleague who told me about the site, the sane part of my brain thinks she was sent by Satan to ruin all my free time. In fact I bet if we shaved her head and looked really hard, we'd find a 666 engraved on her skull.

I love Grey's Anatomy. Like really do. I know I've ranted about this before and there are still some of you who watch Scrubs, I think you're making a grave mistake. How can something be better than Grey's Anatomy?

Moral of the story is, I am not reading the book I'm supposed to be reading, I'm not blogging, I'm not writing the stuff that I'm supposed to be writing for work over the weekend and my life's a mess.

Heck, I'm not complaining at all. In fact, if you have any sense, go watch Grey's Anatomy NOW! :D

*Scuttles off to watch Season 3, episode 8 with a box of Pringles and a wide grin* :D