Monday, May 26, 2008

Mikachu, oh Mikachu...What do we do with you?

Fine. FINE. I'll write about it. But only because I want to.

Have I told you about my pet, Mikachu? Well, she's this crazy, freak I know, and I love to death. She's funny, random, quirky, impulsive and all the things I'm not. I'm not going to make this verbose, and just say that Miks is one of the bestest things that have happened to me in a while. She's THE ideal gal pal. :)

So I get this random call from her yesterday, telling me she wanted to meet up. Huh? On a Sunday afternoon? Can't it wait? NO. It can't. Meet at Bandra, will give instructions when you alight. 5ish. Click, went telephone.

Sigh. OK. Off I waddled (standing in the train all the way to Bandra) and I was given mafia style instructions by Mikachu's boyfriend (what do we call him?) to get to the place they were. What the fuck was with the suspense anyway? Were these people into drugs? Sex trafficking? With a weird sense of foreboding, I reached the place I was asked to come to. And was given a big grin and a welcome by her boyfriend (who we shall call Y) and I understood.

Of course. A tattoo parlour. I KNEW it.

We enter the tattoo parlour, and I'm greeted by a HUGGGGEEEEEE scream and a big hug from Mikachu. Followed by an annoyed look by the tattoo artist, who smiles at me. My eye wanders over to Mikachu's left ankle where inscribed is one of the most beautiful tattoos I've ever seen. It's in the form of a creeper, but instead of just leaves and flowers, there are words that the creeper is made of. 12 words, that describe Mikachu, or are symbolic of what she wants to be. Beautiful idea, really. And what I loved most about the idea is, that the entire idea was designed by Y, and the words are in his handwriting. The tattoo artist made an exact copy of the design, and inscribed it. That's what makes it so much more special. Y was only short of tattooing her himself! :)

I admit my teeth went all chatter-y with the ugly buzz of the needle. I hate the sound. I'd prefer getting poked in my gums by a dentist (which I quite like, actually), but to each, his own. At the end of the business, Mikachu has a beautiful tattoo and a lovely smile pasted on her face (which got a bit alarming later since she refused to stop smiling). I'd have posted pictures of her tattoo, except she doesn't want 'plagiarizing whore bitches hijacking her lovely, lovely tattoo'. Fair 'nuff!

People get weird stuff tattooed onto themselves. And in weird places too. The guy who owned the tattoo parlour Mikachu was in, has a tattoo on his tongue, and even on the soft skin below the tongue (and behind your lower teeth). Ouch! That mustn't have felt ticklish. There are some wierdos who get their girlfriends' faces etc. tattooed on various parts of the body. Just one question for these losers.

What do you do when you break up? ;)

Edited to add: As of now, we have 21 Moo-isms. For those who want to see a seperate post for them, keep adding more pearls of wisdom. :D Man, I feel like Bruce Lee! :P


G@K said...

Hey you could have atleast written what the 12 words were. I hv a friend who got a tatoo with 5 names in it. Beautiful idea tho by ur Mikachu.
I wish I could get a tattoo without the needles and it being permanent. And also widout it causing pain. And widout having to pay so much...F^&* it! I don't want a tattoo. :D

Moo Joke:
Q: Moo's fav cricketeer
A: Moo-ttiah Moo-ralitharan

(Had to substitute the u's wid "oo". Call it my creative license.)

mistercrowley said...

Hey...Tattoo's are fun....I was shit scared of needles till I got one.....after 5 hours or so under the needle-gun, it doesn't hurt :)

My tattoo pix are on my blog (hunt about 10-12 posts back)....

Annd, yeah, what do you do when you break up? ;)

Moo said...

@ G@k,

I don't remember all the twelve words. Maybe Mikachu herself could enlighten us when she reads the post, so stay tuned. And yeah, I agree to the rest of the comment. But tattoos and painless doesn't quite go together, so fuck it. :P

Hahaha! Loved the Moo-ism. :P

@ Crowley,

God, you a tattoo guy too?? Give me the link to the tattoo post instead of me hunting, please!

And about the breakup bit, I think if the whole relationship turned messy, you could get a moustache inked on her face! :P

G@K said...

Dont you mean Moo-se Lee?

Mikachu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Over Rated said...

As promised, more jokes about everyone's favorite cow ..... :D ... The author is not responsible for any permanent damage cause to the reader's brain after reading the following Moo-isms:

q: Which is Moo's favorite Karisma Kapoor song?

a: What is Moo-bile number!!

q: What will Moo's "suhaagraat" be called?

a: The Moo-n landing

q: Why does Moo keep watching Umraao Jaan?
a: Because she loves the Moo-jra

q: What scooter does Moo drive?
a: A moo-ped

q: What is Moo always wondering about?
a: To Moo or not to Moo

q: Why is Moo a cannibal?
a: Because she eats beef

q: Who did Moo vote for in the UN secretary general elections? [or Moo's favorite Thai abuse]
a: Ban Ki Moo

q: What drink does Moo ask for in a sports bar?
a: The Moo Shake

q: Where does Moo go for a night out?
a: To the Moo-vies

q: Why doesn't Moo do any work?
a: Because she has lots of Moo-lah

q: What did the French guy call Moo?
a: Le Moo

I think that's enuf for a while ....... Enjoy ..... Moowahahaha ......

mistercrowley said...

Here, since you seem to be a little inept at locating it :p

G@K said...


We just have a blog in the comment section....

G@K said...

@ Mikachu again

Read ur comment. Still think u should put it up as a blog :p . Also, my friend got names of people who matter to her on her back (don't really remember the names). But Y & ur (sounds like Y&R) idea seems great. Would have loved to see the tattoo, but totally understand u not wanting to put it up on the net. Ciao.

P.S.: Thx abt the mooisms. But u dat credit goes to Over-rated. He started it all.

Mikachu said...

@ G@k,
Can't cause i don't have a blog :S
*wonders why she doesn't* ;p
So I'll just have to make do with Moo's blog for now :)

Yeah totally.. Over rated, mugger much and you :)
Thank you all ;p

G@K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
G@K said...

Last two moo jokes. Not funny, but wat the hell..

Q: Moo's fav moo-vie dialogue?
A: Moo-gambo khush hua!

Q: Why will moo always be a lil girl?
A: Kyuki Moo-ch nahi to kuch nahi!

Mikachu said...

I thought of one too. . .
when i was asleep ..
This is really addictive :p

Q: What does Moo say when she's troubled?
A: Moo-si-bat hai!

Moo said...

@ G@K (again),

No. I DON'T mean Moo-se Lee. :P We have to draw the line SOMEWHERE. ;)

@ Mikachu,

God, woman! Go start your own blog! Who the fuck heard of the comment being longer than the blog? :P And could you try and CONVINCE Y to work at the tattoo parlour for some hours? He could perhaps whip up some interesting butterflies for the fools who come in, anyway. :P But on second thoughts, let's not. :D

And I love how this place is turning into a chat thingy! You guys are making 'fraands' here! :P

@ Overrated,

Dude! You're finally here! We'd given up for dead! Were you AWOL all this while whipping up the new Moo-isms? :P

@ G@k and Mikachu (AGAIN!),

I can't keep up with your speed for commenting. I'm a cow, not a horse!