Monday, May 26, 2008

A-moosing, innit?

Your resident cow, Moo, is truly flattered at the overwhelming attention she's receiving from her faithful readers. :D Thus, as promised, she has decided to make a post of all the Moo-isms that have been churned out in honour of her. For this, she would like to thank the Overrated Outcast for spreading the idea like an epidemic, G@k for being a quick learner, The Mugger Much who doesn't like to be left behind, the White Phoenix who is simply a copy cat and Mikachu, who cannot resist taking part in anything to do with me. So here goes nothing! And thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned blokes, Moo now knows what it is like, to be Bruce Lee. I bet no other living person has this feeling. ;)

Moo now proceeds with the task at hand:

Q: Which is Moo's favorite Prabhudeva Song?
A: Moo-quabla

Q: Which is Moo's favorite cocktail?
A : A Moo-tini

Q: Which is Moo's favorite city in the US?
A: Moo York

Q: If Moo was made the Chief Minister of Maharashtra what would Bombay be called?
A: Moo-mbai

Q: Which is Moo's favorite Karisma Kapoor song?
A: What is Moo-bile number!!

Q: What will Moo's "suhaagraat" be called?
A: The Moo-n landing

Q: Why does Moo keep watching Umraao Jaan?
A: Because she loves the Moo-jra

Q: What scooter does Moo drive?
A: A moo-ped

Q: What is Moo always wondering about?
A: To Moo or not to Moo

Q: Why is Moo a cannibal?
A: Because she eats beef.

Q: Who did Moo vote for in the UN secretary general elections? [or Moo's favorite Thai abuse]
A: Ban Ki Moo

Q: What drink does Moo ask for in a sports bar?
A: The Moo Shake

Q: Where does Moo go for a night out?
A: To the Moo-vies

Q: Why doesn't Moo do any work?
A: Because she has lots of Moo-lah

Q: What did the French guy call Moo?
A: Le Moo

(Moo credits The Overrated Outcast for the above gems).

Q: Moo's fav dance number?
A: Moo-ngda!

Q: Moo's fav cricketeer
A: Moo-ttiah Moo-ralitharan

Q: What is Moo's favourite Marathi Song?
A: Mi tujha mama, de mala Moo-ka!

Q: What is Moo's favourite dance step?
A: The Moo-n walk!

Q: Moo's fav beauty product?
A: Moo-ltani mitti.

Q: Moo's fav moo-vie dialogue?
A: Moo-gambo khush hua!

Q: Why will moo always be a lil girl?
A: Kyuki Moo-ch nahi to kuch nahi!

(...G@K came up with the ones above. Sigh! :D).

Q: What would you call Moo if she decided to blow up people professionally for a living?
A: Moo-jahideen

Q: How would you congratulate Moo if she married Obama and dressed up sluttily for the occasion?
Q: Moo-barack Ho.

Of course, Moo's favourite food crop is obviously "Moo-ng Dal".

Q: Moo's favourite South Indian diety?
A: Moo-rugan.

Q: Moo's favourite Bollywood gangster?
A: Moo-na Bhai.

Q: Moo's favourite civic hangout?
A: The Moo-seum.

Q: Moo's favourite district of Bihar?
A: Moo-nger.

Q: What weird-smelling vegetable do you get if you cross the Moo with Jet Li?
A: Moo-li !!

(Courtesy: The Mugger Much)

Q: What kind of money does Moo like?
A: Moo-lah

Q: What will moo have if she goes for a sex-change?
A: A Moo-stache.

Q: Moo's fav bollywood song for abt her nymphomaniac neighbour(if there's one)?
A: Padosan apni Moo-rgi ko rakhna sambhal mera Moo-rga hua hai deewana.

Q: When does Moo fart the most?
A: When she eats Moo-li parantha!

(That was the White Phoenix jumping on the bandwagon)

Q: What does Moo say when she's troubled?
A: Moo-si-bat hai!

(Mikachu came up with that!)

Q: What will the world know Moo's kid as?
A: A Moo-latto! :D

(Teehee...I came up with that!)


Mugger Much said...


At this rate, we'll make you feel like Chuck Norris soon!

Over Rated said...


For making her feel like Chuck Norris, we need to come up with

Unknown facts about Moo:

- When Moo steps into a temple, she is then known as a Holy Cow.

- Once, Moo listen to a Britney Spears song and she LIKED it.

- The Dalai Lama calls Moo for spiritual advice.

something like that ..... :P :P ....

Over Rated said...

one more:

- Moo can eat just ONE lays potato chip

Anonymous said...

MOOOO moooo

what a mooing moo rticle.

ess said...

To follow up on over rated's "little-known facts about Moo"
* Moo drove a ford fiesta and didn't go fida!
*Moo doesn't have a four-chambered stomach
*Moo is hardly ever seen in gyms (oh wait, that's a widely known fact :D)

Somebody help me here

G@K said...

One fact unknown to all
*Moo is actually a li'l oink oink

mistercrowley said...

Does Moo ever pay for her drinks?
Course not..she's a Moo-cher


Homecooked said...

This was hilarious! You really have a way with words :)

the white phoenix said...

wot would jim morrison be singing when he sees Moo

- Its the Moo-jo risin'

Reema said...

Hilarious!!! instead of saying hello to each other me n my didi say "moo" since many years!!..

Moo said...

@ Anshuman:

Did you HAVE to give Overrated and Ess weird ideas. This time, I'm NOT compiling anything, so there. :P

@ Overrated:

Refer to reply above. :( You're gonna start on this, aren't you? *Sigh!*

P.S. There are two Britney Spears songs I don't mind. :D (You'll still visit, won't you?) :P

@ Anon:

Teehee...Glad you liked it. :P

@ Ess:

Oh god, NOOOOO!

@ G@K:

Eh tu, Brutus?

@ Crowley:

Now, a Moo Joke, I don't mind. :P Although you got there a bit late. :D

@ homecooked:

Well this time, it wasn't my doing. The crazy people I'm unfortunate enough to know came up with the whole thing. I just put it all together. Although I'd like to believe that I DO have a way with words. :P

@ the White Phoenix,

Gosh! Haven't you guys done enough already? :P

@ Reema,

Wow! You Moo at your sister? I love you already! :D Keep visiting! :)

Gentle Whispers said...

This is fun. I loved it. Wish I was quick witted enough to come up with something like that.

chandni said...


u mad mad moo, you had me laughing off the chair!

Is your fav flower Moogra then?

yash said...

wats moo's favourite dhamki (threat)?
moo-skat fodin

yash said...

wat does moouse in d dark?

yash said...

whats moo's fav book?
the moo-re's last sigh.

whr does moo hang out at?
cafe moo-cha.