Monday, October 16, 2006

Bored? Be Creative...

I’m sitting here, having nothing to do. Its funny how you can’t wait to be free at the beginning of exams. And when that time really comes after all the rigorous labour and sweating, you have nothing to do to spend that time (apart from picking your nose, a highly satisfying exercise). But picking one’s nose is really passé now. Here are a few things you could do to spend time creatively.

1. Stand on your head in a corner, and try noticing how different your feet look against the ceiling as background. This will also help see the world in a different light. For obvious reasons, refrain from peeing. That won’t make the whole stunt smell any prettier, among other things.

2. Try writing a long sentence backwards. And by backwards, I don’t mean in reverse. Whatever you’ve written should look like Hebrew or some really obscure language, by the time you’re finished.

3. Call up a random friend, and when they pick up the phone loudly scream out rude names and hang up. Then change your cell number and your residence, because they aren’t going to let you get away with this, obviously.

4. If you happen to be awake when the whole house is sleeping, quietly go up to people and tickle their feet. Or wake them up and ask them whether they were really sleeping or pretending to sleep, or what it was they were dreaming about.

5. While watch a horror flick in a theatre, loudly drop a glass Pepsi bottle during a really scary scene. Make sure the theatre is quiet at this time. And at least eight people should die of cardiac arrest.

6. While having dinner with guests, suddenly reach out to grab a piece of chicken from an aunt or uncle’s plate. However, for this to reach its successful level of annoyance, make sure that the aunt or uncle are people who you are not very close to, and there is no level of mutual affection from both parties.

7. While in a lift with strange people, gently let out a smelly and noisy fart. Then immediately give a conspicuous and disgusted look to the person adjacent to you, and try moving far away from him.

8. Pick your nose in a train. Then inspect your finger for the stuff that came out from your nose and neatly flick it away. For more effect, perform this exercise accompanied with juicy burps. This will ensure you a seat in a crowded train.

9. Blow your nose in loud spurts during a meeting. Then show the handkerchief with the freshly squeezed snort around emphasizing that you’ve had that nasty cold for the past month. That highly coveted promotion is sure to be in your bag then.

10. At a funeral, laugh loudly with some backslapping and loud noise. If people give you weird stares, loudly narrate the joke to them. This is great for people who always try and cheer others up.

The above creative activities to pass the time should be enough for starters. If you’ve tried them all and are still alive to tell the tale, do let me know. I will think up some new ones for you. For now, start spreading the disgust!