Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I dabble with poetry...And fail parlously.

There was once a girl by the name of Kim
Who was lazy as a mule,
“Why should one have to walk?” she asked,
“I’d rather burn some fuel!”

So that is how she roamed about,
She grew fatter by the day,
She drove to places close to home,
A stone’s throw away.

Driving my dears, is all very well,
But makes you like a lump,
And your favourite picnic spot in the world
Becomes your petrol pump.

Why not use the feet you’ve got,
Why contaminate the air?
You’re spewing dirt all around you,
Do you think that’s fair?

So, you don’t care about the air,
But I presume you care about you?
Walking is healthy, walking is fun
I assure you, it’s rejuvenating too.

So let’s all chuck those cars away
And walk to the grocery store,
Whoever told you fat means “prosperous”
Arrest them for spreading folklore!