Sunday, March 29, 2009

I don't mean to sound 40 years old, but...

They don't make mobile phones like they used to. :(

I went to Croma this evening with Lammy and his sister. They wanted to buy her a laptop and eventually settled for a Sony Vaio. Now while we're on the subject, I'll admit I was a lot more than very turned on by the Vaio. All those people promising me lovely presents as part of my wedding gift, kindly give me about 60,000 bucks in cash. I'll go buy myself a Vaio.

After Lammy was done spoiling his sister rotten (Hmph. He didn't even ask me if I wanted a Vaio myself. Talk about bad manners!), we went to the mobile phone section to pick me a phone. All was well. My current N70 was good enough to be sent flying from my building to the next and hear a satisfying smash from, and I was finally about to get a shiny, new, problem-free cellphone.

But this wasn't meant to be. The current set of cellphones in the market make me wonder if a) if I'm expecting too much out of a phone or b) All cellphone designers need to be bopped on the head with a broomstick. Why are most Nokia phones made these days look like electronic counterparts of a vada pav? As for the Sony Ericsson range, they look like they're about to burst into 'Shiny Disco Balls' anytime soon. Whatever happened to being understated and subtle? Aren't people with a budget of about 10-12 thousand supposed to feel elegant if they wanted to?

Nevertheless, I think I can deal with bad and overpriced cellphones, but I need Yoga to be able to handle the guys behind the counter. Firstly, there are ten thousand of them, and the one you initially started discussing a phone with, will realise he doesn't know shit, soon after you've explained whatever you want in great detail. He in turn, will summon another equally random bloke from the north-eastern region of the store, and you find yourself painstakingly saying the same thing over. Some third guy will butt in saying, "What madam? What? What?" and will say the exact same things the second guy told you. All this, while you patiently wait for divine intervention and some lightening to strike these guys dead.

Now you know why Sri Sri Ravishankar is so extremely popular.

At the end of this whole charade, we got the orgasmic laptop for Lammy's sister (I'm still sulking, for the record) and no phone for me (BIG Hmph.) Next time, I'm just going to throw a big tantrum when I'm accompanying somebody to an electronic store, till they give in and buy me the BlackBerry Storm.

Tears always work wonders, or so I'm told.


Lamont said...

Hey Moo... dont worry someday soon u will have both Viao & Blackberry Storm..... Ur destined for even better stuff ..... N sorry if i dint ask u for the Vaio, had funds for only 1... maybe next year for ya b1day ... Happy

V V said...

Your post sounded off really serious, but while i was reading, i laughed and found it quite funny.....but hey Sony Ericsson phones are not that bad....i always used SE phones and preferred them over nokia. Right now i am using W880i model and i really like it...its so slim, that u don't really feel like carrying a phone in ur pocket, but the bad news it they are have stopped manufacturing i guess i am lucky!!

Sakshi said...

hey, you can check out the touch phones..the music edition of nokia awesome..its sleek and stylish... I am currently using a 6300 and tht is awesome...!!!

Bikerro said...

First of all Sony is no comparison to Nokia... So u made a lill wrong decision here...but still need not worry...u can hv my Nok when i go abroad...i just hope ur new sony stays alive till