Wednesday, March 04, 2009

You know you've had a REALLY bad day at work when....

1) You get yelled at for your goof-ups, thrice.
2) You get yelled at for someone else's goof-ups.
3) You forget to do something that you've been doing every single day for the past three months, on the ONE day somebody decides to take notice.
4) You think you're getting the chance to finally file a breaking news under your own name, when someone else decides to "help" you. The story hence becomes a "team" copy.
5) Your computer decides it's time to give up on life, and moves onto the last stages of its miserable life.
6) You feel completely alone and lost in an office-ful of people.
7) You miss your mommy the most.
8) You almost have your argument with your best friend.
9) There's a story waiting to be done, but you just can't bear to look at anything remotely related to work.
10) Because of the above point, it means you have to go home and file the story.
11) You're already planning twenty things you need to finish in the next day.
12) Your favourite pen has been taken and not returned. There's no hope to ever see it again, now.
13) You're sitting in office and typing out lists about how depressing your day has been, and make yourself even more miserable.
14) You want to go home, eat your dinner and not ever wake up again.
15) You decide enough is enough, and go order yourself a McChicken burger from McDonalds.

Now you know why I'm depressed. So PLEASE. KEEP away. I bite when provoked.


The Shmoo said...

McDonalds always makes things better. You aren't supposed to write such amazing stuff when you're having a bad day. This makes us wish evil things.. so that we get to read more awesome stuff. Just kidding Moo! Tomorrow is always better :)

(hugs Moo tight)

golden_retreat said...
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golden_retreat said...

good one on a bad day? now make it a good one on a great day. have a fantastic day.

Trinaa said...

uggggh! what a day.. tc!

the white phoenix said...

Thought would let you know.
I am also not having a great day.

My boss is on leave. I can only chat/FB/orkut for 3-4 hours. Also did I tell you that dosen't include 2 hours on the phone.

Itni aish ke baad thoda bore sa ho gaya huun.

Me said...

You don't bite when you're provoked, you bite when you're toothy, Potty...

Moo said...

@ The Shmoo,

That wasn't awesome stuff at all. But if you say so, I won't insist. :P

* hugs The Shmoo back tighter *

@ the Golden Retreat,

Are you the owner of a holiday resort? I'd like a discount on my next vacation, please. :P Ok, having gotten the PJs out of the way, thanks for dropping by!! I'll try and write the good one on a good day soon!

@ Trinaa,

Believe me, it was terrible. But all days can't be great, can they? :) Thanks for taking the trouble to comment.

@ The White Phoenix,

I don't want my blog to be flagged for inappropriate content, so I will refrain from saying what I actually think of you, but nevertheless, there's always a tomorrow that will be more fucked up for you than me. :P Am biding my time. :D

@ Uglyhair,

I actually AM teething. :D wisdom teeth popping up. And this cow bites when provoked. Do you DARE challenge me on that one?