Friday, March 13, 2009

Now narrating: Moo's stupid deed #89794564

I think I'm a Sardarni, but just don't know it yet. The amount of stupid things I keep doing on an everyday basis seem to be increasing at an alarming level, much to the merriment of the general public. I think I'm just going to listen to Sheroo and Lammy, and admit that I'm a Sardar Cow. :( You'll agree too, when I tell you why.

I was to go shopping with a friend today, and we were going to meet directly at the mall. In the meanwhile I called up Lammy and found out he was headed the same way, so he would drive me all the way. He told me to get ready soon, and I hurriedly left home to meet him at his place. All was cool. I was listening to music while he got ready, I was fantasizing about all the nice stuff I was going to buy for my birthday, and in general life was great. Till he announced that he was ready to leave.

I walked to the door to wear my Oshos and looked at them in utter shock.

I was wearing two different coloured Oshos. Yes. The left one was maroon, and the right one was dark green.

Lammy then walks to the door merrily and says, "What are you waiting for, Cow? Chalo!"

And then he sees what I was waiting for.

Two different coloured chappals.

He stared.

He stared me, then back at the Oshos.

And he laughed. :(

And he laughed some more.

What finally happened, was that I had to wear his mum's heels (I NEVER wear heels), and had to walk in them for what seemed like an eternity. Result: My feet are sore and my heels hurt.

And my friends are still laughing at me.

Now excuse me while I go look for my pagdi.


Lamont said...

Hehahahhaahhahahahahahahhah........... I still cant stop laughing..... I bet even the sardars won`t welcome a cow with diff colour oshos.... lol... n next time i wont let u borrow my mums sandals ... u go barefoot :p

Mister Crowley said...

Er. Far as I recall, it's the sardarnis who're the smart ones (at least, I've yet to meet a dumb one). Can't call them cows, no. Enraged water buffaloes, perhaps.

The Shmoo said...

Oh Moo! You're not a crazy sardarni cow, relax.. I've run out the door to wait for the school bus in chappals. Everyone is allowed to make one or two 'goofy footware blunders' in their lives. (Just don't get caught, ok?)

If I were a guy, I'd add, "Who'd want to take their eyes off your pretty face, just to look at your shoes?"