Monday, March 09, 2009

Joblessness drove me to write this post...

It’s funny how extremely unrelated, random thoughts keep zooming across in my head, when I’m trying to think of something coherent to talk about. Not only do I have nothing of consequence to say, there are three thousand other distractions that keep me from doing anything useful.

Someone or the other’s phone keeps ringing every minute of every day. I’ll stop at saying THAT IT DRIVES ME INSANE.

There are a bunch of freaks who’re celebrating Holi in my office. Excuse me, kind folks, but since when did this become a fourth grade classroom? One freak came into my section and forcefully applied colour onto me, despite my protests being loud enough to wake up the dead and their kith and kin. Reason being? Holi nahi khelna bura shagun hota hai. I also consider going for an event (I’m headed for one right now) looking like I had an accident with yellow chalk powder, bad luck. Who knows, I might be sacked!

A couple of ad sales people are discussing the benefits of perming hair, when they should be…erm…selling magazine space? I expect the ads come walking right upto their desks, wait for them to finish discussing their beauty regimes, and then plant themselves straight onto the designated page.

My gora boss keeps walking around the office. And he’s heavy-footed, to say the least.

This woman with a very odd sense of dressing keeps floating in and out of our section like an apparition. I don’t like her coming close to me in a radius of five feet.

Someone on GTalk keeps pinging me and I have to go see what they have to say.

I’m making a list of things I need to buy before my birthday, and the people I need to treat.

It’s hard work to keep typing and keeping yourself from dropping off to sleep on your keyboard.

I’m thinking about what it is that is bothering me. It’s something I can’t place, but it’s keeping me down. It’ll come to me soon enough.

I’m thinking of the lovely hammocks and the greenery at Manoribel Resort. Anyone kind enough to take me back there?

I don’t consider it a good sign if my stomach’s started acting funny. I have eaten much more than I should have for lunch.

Time to leave for the above mentioned event, kind folks. Work beckons! Toodle-oo!

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The Shmoo said...

OMG! Moo, is that freak still alive! I hate it when people can't understand the word 'no'. Its the simplest (besides being the most useful) word on the planet!

All the best with getting the color off. Sweet post :) typically whinny!