Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When big things don't matter anymore...

"So what is the problem?"


"C'mon, Vee. This is ridiculous. There must be something!"

"No there isn't. Nothing worth talking about anyway."

"Oh! So there is a something. Out with it. However silly, however trivial. Let's hear it."

"I'm telling you. There's nothing. Let's switch topics, for heaven's sake!"

"I said I want to hear it. I'm sick of you being distant with me. You're with me in person, but I can tell your mind is somewhere far away. Somewhere you want to be left completely alone. Please sweetheart, can't you tell me what the trouble is?"

"Alright. But don't blame me if I sound demented."

"Sure sweetie. Have I ever laughed at your troubles?"

"Well, for starters, why don't you give me a wake up call in the mornings like you used to?"

"Shucks! You know I like catching up on the news when I wake up."

"You always did. That didn't stop you from calling me before."

"Seriously...Is that it?"

"No. There's more. You don't call me from work more than once anymore. Where are those 50 second calls to tell me that you love me? You don't leave me sweet notes where I can find them like you used to. What happened to the times you used to pick me up from work when I was really late and you were free? Why has watching television taken over that? You don't like planning our weekends anymore. You think a random dinner thrown in makes a weekend special? What about those flowers you used to get delivered to my workplace? Why do you attend more office parties than before, even on holidays? Why are the twenty minutes that you used to spend on the phone at the end of the day, catching up on my life, replaced with just a 'Goodnight, honey. Sleep well!' message?"

"But Vee--"

"Shut up. You asked me what my problem was, and I'm telling you what's bothering me. What's bothering me, is that you're not the person I fell in love with. Were you doing all those utterly sweet things just to woo me? Or is that I don't matter as much as you used to?"

"Vee, listen. Every relationship goes through a phase, where the first few months are all exciting and the world completely revolves around that one person. Then, a few months later--"

"Let me complete that. A few months later, you get a grip on yourself, and decide that the person you wanted is all yours. Then you realise it's time to rearrange priorities and go do more important things. Right? Anyway, you asked me what was on my mind, and I've told you."

"Are you serious? You're mad at me over such little things?"

"Sweetie, it's always the little things."


The Shmoo said...

Are you stalking me?!

(is utterly freaked out)

Sakshi said...

I agree...!!! How the hell did you write something so close to... phew the relationship problem..!!!

Sreejit said...

Every relationship, goes through this phase. Ppl kinda take the others for granted. However much you may think, that this wont happen to me, it does happen.

During the wooing phase ppl use up all their efforts to show their sunny side, and when the relationship grows, thats the time, when it requires renewed vigour and effort to make sure that, the love is kept alive and spark is still there.

the mad momma said...

menz!! they never get it, do they?!

aneesha said...

its always the little things... thats soo right...

Saltwater Blues said...

We'be been told you're the one to contact for a "de-stressing lunch full of weird conversations" So how can I get a hold of you? :)

oRange said...

oh lord, that surely scares me.
to be out of love is like the worst thing ever.

..and however 'little' they may be ..they matter a greal deal!

superrr post! :)