Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well then, WHAT is it?

Is it because I don't fit in your scheme of 'cool'?

Is it because I stay in the suburbs? That my parents actually own a big house in this city, while you stay on rent with hardly anything left to spend on at the end of the month?

Is it because I don't think of wasting my perfectly healthy body with smokes and drinks, in the name of fun?

Is it because I like being around myself most of the times?

Is it to do with choosing not to go pubbing and partying, like everyone else?

Is it to do with unashamedly admitting to be a HUGE Harry Potter fan, although it's extremely chic to do otherwise?

Is it to do with wearing Oshos almost everyday because I happen to like them, and not because I can't afford shoes above Rs. 50?

Is it because I write without any pretensions, at the risk of sounding shallow and superficial and not deep and philosophical?

Is it because I outright refuse to spend 2000 bucks on a haircut, instead of laying awake at night wondering if I could have put the money to better use?

Is it related to me liking Hindustani classical music and old Hindi hits more instead of Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam?

Is it because I value my parents' opinion in most cases, and try conforming to certain rules they've laid down for me?

Is it because I couldn't care less about how I look, and thinking that my pimples or the leucoderma patches on my face, knees and feet aren't the worst things that have happened to me?

Is it because I don't conform to your models of beauty, elegance and style?

Is it because I am not stingy about paying up for people around me, unlike what seems to be the norm these days?

Is it because you don't matter to me and my life in any consequential way, but you still manage to get me down?

Or in a nutshell, is it because I'm not afraid to be 'me'?

What is then, that makes you treat me this way?


Lamont said...

U shudnt waste ur time thinking bout those people who wont be a part of your life after another 6 months... they aint worth it.. u have better ppl in ur life, give them this time rather than wasting it on parrots n their tails....;-)

The Shmoo said...

OMG! If this wasn't philosophical, I don't know what is! Woo hoo! I liked it.. Pink Floyd n Pearl Jam aren't that bad :)

(+everything that he said)

the white phoenix said...

Chill babes. Why care about those dumb-fucks at all. Remember our parameters of smart and happening people
- Who read
- who watch quality movies
- who like any kind of flesh to eat
- who can go on for hours talking about weirdest of topics .

And if you still cannot deal with these morons then let's strike a pact - You take care of the trolls on my blog, I take care of these "hip & happ." people
the next time I come to bby .

*e-hugs* for now

Sakshi said...

Hey- I know exactly what you are going thru... I go thru that too...alot. What really matters is that you are happy being yourself... and you enjoy the way you are...!!! Let the world go to hell.
Having said that- I need to put this in practise too...!!!
All the best... am sure you'll be back to your chilled out self in no time...!!

WiseAss said...

It's actually insecurity, babes. They're so busy keeping up with the Joneses, the Nairs, and everyone else in between, that not only have they lost perspective, they've also lost their minds.
Did you WANT to be treated as an equal by such people? Good heavens, perish the thought.

Sreejit said...

If you are happy the way you are, then you should just not care for the self proclaimed cool people. You should be what you are and not what others want you to be.
Because ppl who care about you would like u no matter how u r.

Dont let all this affect you, your posting this kinda gives me the feeling that u r letting these things affect u and in a way playing into their hands.

Keep writing, your writings without any pretensions made me follow your blog.

Raven said...

No, its because you're a rude bitch!

the white phoenix said...

@upar waale Raven uncle/aunty
Dear Uncle/Aunty, duniya mein do hi cheezein ho saktiin hain - yaa toh you know Moo personaly or you don't. Agla doosra waala hai tab toh kuch bolna hi nahi jee because "jab haanthee(hindi nahi aati toh elephant) chale bazaar do kutte bhaukein hazaar".
And if pehli waali baat hai i.e. you know Moo in real life tab toh aapke pathetic haalat pe taras aati hai because you don't have the balls to say anything to her directly and you have to resort to being a troll. And let me tell
you yeh kaun si waali taras hai. Yeh woh waali taras hai jo aapko tab aati hai jab you see a mal-nutritioned dog on a street.

So moral of the story is ki in either of the two cases you turn out to be a dog .. no no .. a street dog. So, if you are looking for a "bitch" then please don't waste your effort visiting blogs, rather go look on the streets, you will get a lot of options.

Raven said...

Haha phoenix, your lame attempts at defending the fat bitch amuses me.
Heck why stop at calling me a street dog, call me a slumdog, isn't that the 'in' thing nowadays?
And why would I look on the streets when there's a bitch here and her bitchy cronies (read you)?
You may mock me for all I care but I'm just being honest. She is the quintessential bitch and many people (including me) may have already told her but guess what? With idiots like you to agree with her every word, the truth falls on deaf ears.
It's not because of her failure to follow the latest trends that leave her disliked by people. It's because of her 'greater than thou' attitude and her constant bitching. Plain and simple.
Now you may ask, why would I read her blog if I thought this way of her? It's because I do think she's a good writer and has talent. But when she asked why people hate her, I had to give her an honest answer, even though it may sound cruel...unlike the scores of so-called friends like you who would rather lie to her and keep her in a bubble.
So moral of the story, my dear phoenix, is that you can shut your little trap hole and go back to kissing moo's ass.
P.S Sorry moo, I had to say this. You can be very rude and act like a complete jackass. People may judge a person by what's outside but what matters most is what lies inside. Just my two cents. Take care.

Moo said...

@ Lammy,

You're absolutely right, precious. :D Trust you to say the right things. :)

@ The Shmoo,

Nah babe, no philosophy here. Just some depressing thoughts out together to help clarity of thought! Don't worry, have saileddd through! :D

@ Phoenix,

Yes, we're still the coolest!

And about the trolls, chill my dear bird. Trolls will be trolls. I know they're the worst kind of idiots / cowards to hit the virtual world, simply because you don't know what to do with them. I'd suggest you ignore them like a passing itch, because believe me, that's just how much they matter. Although I speak in the constant hope that if you ignore them, they'll get the point and get nasty on their own blog or something instead of haunting blogs that are of no remote concern to them. If not, it's sheer bad luck that they have that kind of time and the resources. Also, it's so easy to ride the high horse and be extremely nasty, hiding under a cloak of anonymity. Tum chhodo...We have more important things / people to discuss.

And finally, @ The Raven,

Seriously, whoever or rather whatever you are, whether man, woman, beast, child, flora, fauna, furniture item, thing, eunuch (choose your favourite!), do you have anything of remote consequence to say? Yes? I want to know because: a) I don't like people dissing me on my own blog (Hey! Go start your own...It's free, if you haven't noticed) and b) I consider it beneath my dignity having to even address lowly, cowardly vermin like you. I'm certain you know me, which is why I think you're even more pitiable than the anonymous trolls.

So hey, I suggest you grow some testicles and tell me who you are and what your problem is, or alternatively get a life. And if you find both things difficult, you may continue lurking on the blog thinking that it's the coolest way to get back at me, but I wish I could tell you how sadly mistaken you are.

And yeah, I don't think you've achieved anything of consequence by stating the obvious. Everyone knows I'm a rude bitch. And it helps me deal with turds like you. I can be nice to most people, as long as they're good to me. So, I can't tell you how glad I am that I've been nasty to you (and I hope I've really REALLY gotten your goat), because you've just proved to everyone you deserve no better. Now if you have any self respect left, go find find something to do. Get a job, get a life, or die in your sleep or something. The world will be a slightly more tolerable place minus sewage tanks like your unworthy self.

P.S. Did I mention I LOVE being nasty?

Moo said...

@ Sakshi,

It's all there in my head, but practising it is the problem. :D Well, I think I'll learn. Rome wasn't built in a day! :)

@ Wiseass,

You're right, Sistah! And you actually left me a comment? I'm HONOURED!

@ Sreejit,

I do ignore stuff like this most of the times (otherwise wouldn't have spent 8 months with the same set of people), but it does get to you at times. :) Don't worry I'm working on it. Keep dropping by.

Raven said...

@ moo
I rest my case.
Yes I know you LOVE being nasty and I expected to receive a nastier retort. Although I must sadly admit, you have not irked me at all. I expected more. After all, you are the quintessential bitch. Might as well do your part.
And you piggy, are sadly mistaken if you think I want to get back at you. Bitch please.
Yes you can either try to be bitchy as you usually are (this last attempt was pathetic) in your next reply or choose to a better person and stop being a...what's the word?,oh yeah..BITCH! The choice is yours.

Lastly, who am I? Why, I'd love to tell you but my 'Guy Fawkes' mask doesn't permit me to do so. :)

Lamont said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lamont said...

Hey Moo... See i told U so... Mr/Ms/It Raven has proved me right again... there are people who matter n those who dont deserve a minute(actually even thats to much)... Let It(dont think it belomgs to any sex) Raven, enjoy the attention its getting, cause maybe it dosnt have anytg better to do in its life.... Poor thing has to do so much to get some attention in its life.... Anyway let us all get back to our lives, n the comments that really matter.... As the saying goes DOGS will bark when a cow passes by..........Cheers

WiseAss said...

I think this Raven thingy is not taking off his Guy Fawkes mask (his words, not mine) is because, like his mind, his face is really ugly. Lebbe, Moo. I would really respect this person if he actually confronted you with his opinions but the sissy that he is(not to mention ugly), he's trying very hard to be mean because you probably stepped on his tail once. Wish you'd stepped on his neck.

Ryasa said...

Let people say what they want, let people do what you want, you know your strength and weaknesses. You are strong headed enough not to give into peer pressure but DO NOT let what these people say affect you. If even it does you just need to pop your head and my cubicle and the bad mood will be taken care of. :-D

And you need not stoop to any crow's croaking levels. (I say croak because he seems alien)

@WiseAss: I totally agree. With a name that equals to a black crow that is an omen for bad luck it got to be ugly.

Raven said...

Oh boo hoo, I must be so ugly because you swine ass kissers said so. This is really amusing. I expected your boyfriends and sisters and other random ass wipes to defend you better, piggy. Tsk tsk.

Me said...

RAVAN! *cue Ramleela music*
RAVAN! *more Ramleela music*

Apologies. Couldn't help myself. =D

Me said...

RAVAN, you're a loser.

But it isn't because you jump onto random peoples' blogs, pick the gayest name possible (I'm not homophobic, but "Guy Fucks"?? Really?) and sit around flaming them with ill-constructed sentences. The fact that you sit in front of a computer screen popping your pimply face and making love to your hand while the real world passes you by doesn't make you a loser. Nor does the idea that this entire exchange of comments is the most attention you've received in your entire adult life make you a super-flunkee. What actually makes you a loser is the fact that you sit there, indulging in name-calling, furiously fisting yourself, and all you can up with is 'rude bitch' - and you're working on Moo! I mean, you work with material like that and 'rude bitch' is the only thing you can come up with...! I'm not gonna contest the fact that Moo's rude - I bear the brunt of her rudeness, with our hate-hate relationship - but, even at her very least, Moo's an eloquently witty witch. While you - tell me, do you always try to present yourself as though you've been lobotomized? I guess this what lack of oxygen at birth does to people. Anyway, here's a simple enough piece of advice, even for a cretinous turd like you - Go play on the railway tracks.

By the way, that L-shape on your forehead, I was gonna say that it stood for LOSER, but I guess your case is special in more ways than one. That L is for LAMEBRAIN.

Fuck You,
And have a nice day... :)

Raven said...

@ Me
Guy Fawkes? Gay? My brain is imploding from the lack of knowledge you show. Google is your friend, litle boy. And moo's a witty witch? No, the correct term's bitter bitch. Have a nice day yourself, jackass!

Please don't associate yourself with the cow, a sacred animal.
A better word for you would be schweine (you do understand German, don't you?) or maybe connasse (pardon my French!)

Me said...

Ravan, don't blame your mental implosions on me, you leaky cunt. And just because you use Google to find yourself hairy porn, it doesn't mean that everyone needs it to check up on facts, you holier-than-thou loser. By the way, by mentioning Google, you just outed yourself as a complete pseudo douchebag, you low-IQ asshole. So, once again, and mind you, I'm using small and simple words here - Go. Play. On. The. Highway. ¿Comprende?

Raven said...

Holy shit, you little idiotic faux intellectual, get your head out of moo's ass and understand what I'm trying to say. I only told you to use Google because you have no idea about a famous man like Guy Fawkes. Thank you for proving yet another point about how ignorant sheeple like you will do anything to gain the fat sow's favour!
P.S. I'm enjoying this. NEXT please!

Me said...

Lord! With all of the insults, I'd imagine you wouldn't want me to pick through your little history lesson of a name, asshole. But I guess that's just too much to ask for, isn't it? I mean, you just want people to acknowledge the fact that you've got shit for brains, right? Guy Fucks? Lord, you must be the first person this side of Greenwich to cite him in a million years. The rest of us never went to school. You happy enough to stuff your ass with gunpowder? Fuck off, you're still a pseudo.

What's next? You give us all a little Lal Salaam? Cunt.

Raven said...

I'm done with you, little boy. I'd rather talk to some adults than some retarded kid who still wets his bed. Go stuff your head back in where the sun don't shine. NEXT please!

Me said...

Slink away, Ravan, slink away. By the way, what was it that got to you? The Lal Salaam bit, loser? And just in reiteration, bed-wetting was the only thing you could come up with? I call you a gay, hairy-porn loving, impotent, self-fisting, pseudo fact-finding, pizza-faced cretin with the hots for Prakash Karat, and all you can come up with is the idea that I have bladder-control issues?! What else is wrong with you, you twat? Are your problems with loserdom hereditary? Which side of the family do you get it from? Or were you simply dropped on your head as a child? Does your head feel flat on one side?

Either way, I've got no compunctions about picking on the retarded. And I'm glad you enjoy getting your face rubbed in shit so much. Now, as you say, lal salaam, kumquat wanker.

Moo said...

@ no one in particular,

Lol. No one told me trolls were fun. :D Why do other bloggers complain so much?

The fact that my troll tries to badmouth me inspite of having the most limited vocabulary in swear words ever known to a person above four years of age, is what's amusing me most.

Oh by the way, trollie, if you're who I think you are, I can bet your leaky cunt that you ARE ugly enough to make the Yeti look like Brad Pitt. And since I expect nothing better of you, do kindly carry on increasing the popularity of my blog and the pageviews. I owe you one favour.

Sorry to keep you from wanking long enough for you to read this! Toodle-oo!

Raven said...

Ha! Thanks for making me laugh out loud. You dance to a very fine tune. Maybe if the bitter bitch would pull a few more strings, the little puppet can dance a little more.
I did say I'm done talking to you but couldn't help congratulating you on that marvelous performance (never mind how retarded that was) Don't expect a reply next time, but by all means, please continue. Your juvenile anger amuses me. Keep going and who knows, maybe, just maybe, that connasse might give you a little pat on your little head as you take it out her ass!
Laal salaam to you too, kid. Add an 'Ave Schweine' salute to that too! Lol!

Raven said...

@ Moo
You're welcome. Btw, I didn't come here to showcase my insult vocabulary.Your little cronies do that more than enough for me!
If you know who I am, why don't you reveal it to all? Oh, how Rorschach awaits the answer! The ink blots on my mask dance around in anticipation!

G@K said...

I don't understand why people are replying to all those trolls by Raven? All we should be asking ourselves is if we really care about his opinions... Do not feed the troll...he'll just get bigger.

Btw, Rorschach Mask... How many times did you have to google the name to get the correct spelling?
(Couldn't help myself... This seems to be fun!)

WiseAss said...

Arre! I come back after three days and find this raven thingy STILL farting around...this is clearly a case of having nothing to do and no other blogs to haunt.

Yeah, I know the thingy will come up with something like, "Moo, is that ALL your cronies can come up with blah blah-di-blah?" but frankly, what can one do but wonder what to do with sad old ladies with an inconsequential grouse?

Moo, how long before you post something new?

Alok said...

the way its supposed to be put ! perfect !!

Perakath said...

Wow, that was a fun read. No offence, Cowgirl! Raven should write a blog too.