Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Interesting tag, boring read

Since The White Phoenix has "new best friends", both pass on tags to each other and leave me out. I was going to begin doing it anyway, when The Gentle Whisperer suddenly decided to tag me and make me look like less of a loser. *sulks at Phoenix and Chandni*

So here goes. All you have to do, is write down something that is significant about yourself next to each number from one to ten. Got it? Easy peasy...NOT. Here goes.

1 the maximum number of children I'd be willing to have. If any.
2 is the number of cup noodle packs I must eat, in a week.
3 is the number of times I pee every morning, before I leave for work. (Ok, so you didn't need to know that.)
4 is the time I begin getting fidgety at work and start yearning for home.
5 is the number of people I MUST GTalk with, everyday.
6 is number of holidays I have, at the moment. :P
7 is minimum number of times I swear in a day. Minimum.
8 is number of times I drink coffee at work, on issue closing days.
9 is the date I want to die on. No particular reason. I just think it's a great number to die on.
10 is the number of jobs I want to have worked in, in my career. More would be great. Less, not good.

This was a bloody difficult tag. And mine reads like tripe. Anyway, I tag G@k, The Nicest Geek, Saakshi (if you're still reading) and Sreejit. Have fun!


Sakshi said...

If it was me you tagged- So sweet.. and I visit your page everyday...!!! :)

Moo said...

@ Sakshi,

Yes, yes. It is very much you. Sorry to have gotten your spelling wrong! My bad... :)

So now go do the tag!! :D

Rahul said...

Hey Moo, 8 cup per day is too much huh!! But I liked ur honesty in all points ;-)

Rahul said...

One more thing Moo, Can I use this tag?? :-)

Moo said...

@ Rahul,

Well, the eight cups a day isn't EVERY day, but it varies between 6-8. :D

And of course you can do the tag. The more the merrier! :) Thanks for dropping by. And keep visiting!

Lamont said...

hey u forgot marriage, trips abroad, cars u wanna own, laptops u want... etc etc

U have small needs in life Moo...Good ull have a lucky husband.... LOLLL

Rahul said...

Hey Moo, I just linked your blog to mine!!!

Sreejit said...

Just when I tot I could escape the tag from 'The White Phoenix'(since it wasnt mentioned explicitly), you did the damage by mentioning my name.

Anyways have been really lazy with my blog, thank u for some food for thought.