Friday, May 01, 2009

The post that proves I'm wasted...

What can be worse than a writer's block? I know! The fact that you have tens of thousands of ideas and incidents happening to you, but nothing coming out of it when you actually sit down and bloody write! *insert angry smiley here*

Ok, that's not entirely true. A colleague told me about this fantastic site, where I can watch ALL episodes of Grey's Anatomy for free! :D Ok, I'm a little retarded like that and didn't know one could even do something like that in the first place. But believe me. My personal life has gone for a toss since this discovery. While on the one hand I feel like giving away giant bear hugs to the colleague who told me about the site, the sane part of my brain thinks she was sent by Satan to ruin all my free time. In fact I bet if we shaved her head and looked really hard, we'd find a 666 engraved on her skull.

I love Grey's Anatomy. Like really do. I know I've ranted about this before and there are still some of you who watch Scrubs, I think you're making a grave mistake. How can something be better than Grey's Anatomy?

Moral of the story is, I am not reading the book I'm supposed to be reading, I'm not blogging, I'm not writing the stuff that I'm supposed to be writing for work over the weekend and my life's a mess.

Heck, I'm not complaining at all. In fact, if you have any sense, go watch Grey's Anatomy NOW! :D

*Scuttles off to watch Season 3, episode 8 with a box of Pringles and a wide grin* :D


crackfire said...

site please, my sis loves the show !

G@K said...

Although I watch Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs, I can assure you there is no way you can actually compare them both. Grey tries the real life situation drama style, while Scrubs is more successful in capturing the funnier side of hopsitals.
And although I enjoy both the shows, I prefer Scrubs as it can be really funny. And sometimes G.A. can get nauseatingly preachy.

Sakshi said...


Anonymous said...

Write, write, write!

I have newly discovered you(r blog)! Yes, yes you may revel in that.

So write! So that I may read!

Fan-tas-tic work.

Moo-st impressed.

Now after so much encouragement, you moo-st post regularly! ;)

Unless you die because of overdose of cheesiness in the comments.


DoubleDrats said...

Ok, so if you think Scrubs makes light of intensely dramatic hospital situations (doctors yelling "I want a crash cart here! stat!" etc.), you must watch House. It's the right mix of drama and humour. You will not be disappointed.
Grey's Anatomy is used by poison control centres to induce vomitting.
Also, Meredith Grey looks like a foot.

G@K said...

Lol @DoubleDrat
And the prettiest doctor of them is suffering from dementia!
I doubt Moo will like House though.
It is too much of an investigation than Hospital Drama... She should watch General Hospital! :p

The Shmoo said...

Aren't you even gonna blog about ZooZoos? *insert surprised smiley here*

Yeah, free stuff does that to people. Hope it sets you free soon.

Mikachu said...

Ermmmm ... a small tiny-ass mention for like freakin introducing you to Greys would be nice. *scowls*

PS Loser: I have all FIVE seasons on my computer and i can watch re-runs. HA! =)