Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is all very well, but I'd specifically asked for the Pulitzer!

Teehee! :D *blush blush*

It's award time again! *drumroll*

My humble benefactress The Gentle Whisperer has been doling out awards again. If it wasn't for her, I would never get to practice the Pulitzer speech I have prepared (in case of emergency). This time, she's given me two awards (she either has no people to award them to, or she's as blind as a bat), both very flattering. *drumroll 2*

The first one is The Lovely Friends Award. It's nice to know that at least someone apart from me thinks I'm lovely.

So I'm gonna pass this award on to some people who really deserve it. Here goes. *drumroll 3*

Sakshi: For patiently checking my blog every so often, in spite of knowing that I don't bother with timely updates. She always leaves the nicest comments behind and is, in short, a dream blog friend!

Sreejith: Again, for commenting on every post without fail, in spite of knowing that I am lazy to return the favour. Completely non-judgmental, feel-good blog visitor. You deserve every bit of this award. :)

Meow: A very dear friend, both on and off the blog world. This award must go to her, because we rediscovered each other ONLY because of the blog. :) Love you loads, my favourite Kitty! *hug*

Monica: Always around to give out feedback on my writing when needed, and so extremely patient even when I simply forget to check the stuff she sends me. Sometimes I'm surprised she even speaks to me. Mon Mon, this award is in anticipation of the forgiveness I will need, when I forget to read what you send me next! :P

Pliss to note: This time, this award will NOT include the following losers:

1) The White Phoenix - I have wasted 65000 awards on this man, in vain. Nor only does he acknowledge the award, he apparently thinks even talking about it is beneath him. I am completely looking through him this time.

2) The Nicest Geek - Over time, I have discovered that The Nicest Geek is not so nice after all. He lurks and lurks and lurks all over my blog and does not deign to comment. He can do without an award too.

3) The Wiseass: Highly opinionated, extremely judgmental blogger, who can even be a troll when she wants to. That's my sister for you. She's a really tiny troll though. So I'm gonna call her a trolley. :P

After all the niceties, it's now time to present the second award. I have no clue what The Gentle Whisperer was thinking when she was giving me this. Perhaps she knew I'd sulk if I wouldn't be included. So ladies and gennemen, this year's 'Blogger with a Purpose' award goes to...


*insert sounds of fake clapping, cheering and screaming here*

I'm really pleased to know that someone seems to have discovered a purpose for my blog. I still don't know what it is, though. Being vain and devoting a LOT of cyberspace to yourself surely has its benefits.

And I oh-so-generously pass on this award to:

1) Sakshi: Not because there's no one else. But because she's so completely open about her feelings, without wanting to sound politically correct. It's brave how she discusses extremely personal subjects like her relationship and her own thoughts about so many things so openly, without caring about being judged. That's quite impressive and commendable. Way to go, Sakshi! :)

2) Sreejith: Someone who has nothing to do with writing, but still writes anyway. Because he acknowledges the beauty of writing as a medium to convey feelings. On a side note, a very good read and a talented blogger. This one's for you!

3) Meow: Someone who absolutely is a delight to read and whose sole purpose is to keep everyone around her blog entertained, plus be brutally frank. Her blog is one of the few I can't WAIT to be updated. This is her award. :)

4) Ess: Amazing read, very witty, completely entertaining with careful consideration to punctuation. I think the last bit is what especially stole my heart. :)

For all ye hopefuls who couldn't make it to the list, go home and think about your life. Maybe you can make it next year by sheer hard work and earning the award. However, a quicker way would be to buy me doughnuts from M.O.D or gift vouchers from Promod.

Bribes aren't illegal in the virtual world. :P


The Shmoo said...

Alritey! Thank you ever so much Moo!

I dunno what else to say. I'm in shock. The 'awwww' shock and not the 'somebody call the doctor' shock. I dunno how to write 'Thank you' speeches either. This is usually the part where I run and hide under a rock till the whole award atmosphere dies down.

(hugs Moo!)

I love the word 'trolley'.

ess said...

The punctuation is what stole your heart? Awwwww

Now if only that worked on women in the real world :(

Thanks Moo!

WiseAss said...

Dear Moo, two things:

1) Mela soang.
2) Trolley is cutting off food supplies to you from now on. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sakshi said...

Thank you MOO!!! This has made up my the rotten week that I have been having. Thank You.... LOADS.

Sreejit said...

Oh my Gaaaaaaaaaaaawd!!

I only asked for some comments, and here when I come to thank u fr d same I discover, am bestowed with two awards.

This was all so sudden, that I dont know how to thank you, but now that you have prepared me for such an eventuality, I would go home and prepare a 'Thank You' speech, so that the next time you do the honours, I dont sound so stupid.