Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is with tags, again? Is there a season for tags, like there is for sales and discounts, mating, acne, etc.? I can't believe I'm posting tags back to back. My creative juices are bottling up inside me and will burst out in floods if this continues any longer. Till I go figure where my creative juices are even hiding, I'll post this tag The Gentle Whisperer put me upto. And I can't believe that people KNOW I'm jobless enough to take up their tag first. :( Hmph. Whatever. Here goes:

1) Last Movie You Saw in a Theatre:
Taare Zameen Par, with Ro. And yes, cried during the song 'Ma', till my nose looked like Rudolph's.

2) What book are you reading?
Ah! My favourite kind of question. I'm reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which I think everyone should read.

3) Favourite Board Game
Game of Life, Scrabble, Pictionary, Monopoly. I'm a very board-games kind of a person.

4) Favourite Magazine
Not much into magazines, but perhaps the Readers' Digest.

5) Favourite Smell
The first whiff when you enter a cake shop
The smell of agarbatti after mum finishes pooja
My hair, after washed with Dove shampoo
The smell of his deo

6) Favourite Sounds
A baby chuckling
Bob Sinclair's World Hold On when I'm working out
Laughter and teasing on the dinner table when everyone's at home

7) Worst feeling in the world
Having to lie to someone you love more than your life
Being cheated on
Realising that someone you trust, doesn't trust you back.

8) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Why in the name of my neighbour's pink chuddies, is it SO freakin' hot!

9) Favourite Fast Food Place
Does Nando's qualify as fast food? No?

10) Future Child's Name
Hiranyakashappoo. A what-the-fuck kinda answer for a what-the-fuck kinda question.

11) Finish this statement- "If I had a lot of money, I'd..."
I'd bathe with milk everyday. Anyway I hate drinking the thing.

12) Do you drive fast?
If a speed of 60 - 80 on an empty road, fast?

13) What was your first car?
My family's first car was a white Datsun, in Dubai.

14) Storms- Cool or Scary?
Make-you-crap-in-your-best-pants scary.

15) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
No one's allowed on my bed.

16) Favourite Drink?
Peach iced-tea from Bombay Blue, Lemon Juice from Cafe Samovar.

17) Finish this statement- "If I had the time, I would..."
Spend more time at the gym, or perhaps learn to play a sport.

18) Do you eat the stems with Broccoli?
I've never ever even eaten Broccoli.

19) If you could dye your hair any other colour, what colour would it be?
I wouldn't fuck up my hair more. It's pretty sucky as it is in any case.

20) Name all the different towns/cities you've lived in.
Kuwait and Mumbai!

21) Favourite Sports to Watch?
Tennis, cricket sometimes

22) One nice thing about the person who sent this to you.
I would sell a kidney if I could write like her. I love her turn of phrase.

23) What's under your bed?
I'd say "MONSTERS!" if I was Calvin, but it's just random stuff from here and there, really.

24) Would you like to be born as yourself again?
A thinner version of me, wouldn't be a bad thing.

25) Morning Person or Night Owl
Three night owls rolled into one.

26) Over Easy or Sunny Side Up
Sunny side up

27) Favourite Place to Relax
Home, or the sauna.

28) Favourite Pie?
I like syrupy Indian sweets better.

29) Favourite Ice Cream Flavour
Honey Nut Crunch from Baskin Robbins' and Ferrero Rocher from Gelato.

30) Of all the people you've tagged who's the most likely to respond to this?
I'm being charitable and not tagging anyone. This tag dies with me. :P

I tag

My neighbour with the pink chuddies. And of course anyone who's interested enough.

Right. I've done my good deed. May I go now? ;)


the white phoenix said...

Bitch!!! I was gonna take up this tag and was looking forward to enjoying the idea of tagging you. Double bitch.

MOTS: -I am too too lazy for tags and stuff
- You totally vella (please do my office work).

P.S. - blogger wants me to spell a word below for word identification and i don't knwo what those twisted letters are.
Looks like xcar. If its not i will have to try again ( my lazy lazy bones are really aching).

P.P.S - It wasn't. Sue google for wasting time and energy. Or suggest them to use word identification for vellas like you. :((

Gentle Whispers said...

My turn of phrase huh?? :D. Thank you so much for all the nice things!

And just so you know, I have a whole tub of Honey Nut Crunch sitting in my freezer. Yay!!

Over Rated said...

hey hey .. im jobless too ... i might give it a shot

*feels bad that has to fill empty life with tags*

Homecooked said...

Hey nice one...specially was laughing with your first thought of the day :)

chandni said...

niceeeeeeeee...very entertaining :D

I love ur fututre childn's name...can I borrow it too?? :D

Moo said...

@ White Phoenix,

This is why you should update your blog often. Don't expect me hanging around for you all my life, right? :P

@ Gentle Whisperer,

Just for the 'tub of ice-cream iin my freezer bit', I take everything I said about you, back. :(

@ Overrated,

Wow! And I thought I was the only person around who was taking up tags. :P Go read Mills and Boon if you've nothing to do. ;)

@ homecooked,

Well, it really is HOT these days. I hate waking up cold and clammy. :(

@ Chandni,

No. You may not. Because it's more likely you'll have a kid before me, and then it'll look like I'm stealing from YOU. :P

But how about Ravana, or Ghatothkach or something along those lines? :P

WiseAss said...

No, I am NOT taking up this tag.

Nice post. Kindly update.

Noor said...

day by day, u r getting more interesting! did I tell u that?? :P

and btw ur blog looks terrific! it has so "moo" essence in everything!!