Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kalyug is...

1) A five year old calling another five year old a chootiya.
2) The second five year old retaliating with a 'tera baap chootiya', in protest.
3) A person saying he'd exchange his mother for the Delhi Darbar cook. The food's THAT delicious, or so it seems.
4) Sending your parents to old age homes, so that you can live in their flat for free.
5) Schoolkids having designer uniforms that include minuscule skirts.
6) A fourteen year old girl flushing her love child down the toilet.
7) Paying Rs. 85 for a glass of chhas
8) Asking around who Narayan Murthy is
9) People taking out the time to wonder why Farah Khan's husband is younger than her
10) Thinking Rahul Gandhi has his father's good looks
11) Bargaining over a potted plant worth Rs. 10
12) Himesh Reshammiya winning music awards
13) Kajol, Ajay Devgan and that hag of a Tanuja judging a reality dance show
14) Actually thinking that Kajol and Ajay Devgan were less haggier than Tanuja
15) Khali getting newspace with his GIANT presence.
16) Girls swooning over the news that Salman Khan might get married to that dumb bitch, Katrina.
17) People breaking up relationships of 8 years, just for some short term fun.
18) Swapping life partners for exotic varieties in sex.
19) Killing your father and burying him in the same house you're coveting.
20) A jilted girl making arrangements for an acid attack
21) Playing "Hum yeh loongi uthati, tum ko disco dikhati" song for Ganpati festival.
22) Not being able to afford a flat in Mumbai anymore.
23) Driving drunk and running over a few people, but still getting bail
24) Literature students not knowing the difference between their / they're / there. Really, it's NOT that hard.
25) Going to class drunk.

* Depressed *


the white phoenix said...

Things don't chnage whatever be the yug.

20. Amba taking revenge on Bhsima ( the best part is getting re-born to take revenge).

19. Oidípous, the greek king killed his father. Don't know hwere he buried him but went ahead and married his mother.

1. Bhima and duryodhana were great at the game of swearing at each other when they were kids. Duryodhna went ahead and drugged bhima.

6. kunti abandoned karna

17. Ram ditching Sita just coz of the rumours

18. hahahhah .. read indian mythology or greek .. they are full of such instances.

MOTS : No yug is different from the other. Notable exceptions are 12, 13 21

chandni said...

:( and you're depressing me in turn!

Anonymous said...

Depressed - Don't be its not worth it.

Just write wright right,

u know only i can do just Nonsense on your blog.

G@K said...

How does buying onions at Rs 110 per kg sound?

ess said...

Well, it's not a perfect world. I guess that's why we have blogs. To let off steam. And as long as it works, why complain?

Hakuna matata :D
Atleast in the kalyug, you have stand-up comedy.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...
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Over Rated said...

er... sorry to rain on your parade ... but Kalyug is Amrita Singh's comeback vehicle into the indian film industry ..... which is actually depressing .....

dunno which kalyug ure talkin bout !!! :P :P