Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fun Social Work

The Wiseass was kind enough to give me the link to this site. Now what does it do? Well, firstly, it has this fun vocabulary game which keeps popping out different words at you. All you have to do is, choose its correct meaning from four choices. If you get it right, you end up donating 20 grains of rice to the poor and hungry. And the authenticity of the site stems from the fact that it is a UNO venture. You can check all the statistics and facts. Oh what the hell, just go have fun! :)

P.S. I learnt 13 new words (from which I remember the meanings to one and a half, and donated 2300 grains of rice. Do you see the halo around my head?)


Nancy said...

After reading ur contribution to the society I too went there & donated 2100 grains of rice. Yeah, i can see the Halo around ur head too:-).

am Nancy. was blog hopping randomly & landed on urs:-)

WiseAss said...

You've got my blog URL wrong, u DOOF!!

Check the correct one for DOOF:
- Mukta
- Whiny the Moo
- Doesn't know spellings
- Forgets new information one second later

Moo said...

@ Nancy,

Thanks for feeding half a hungry person. :) And also for dropping by. I hope you keep coming.

@ Wiseass,

:O I did NOT get your blog URL wrong. What are you even talking about? *Evil grin* Look REAL closely. :p

And yeah, I despise you. :@

ess said...

Oh boy. Does that really work?
Cos if it does, I'm going there, and getting a bigger halo than yours! :P

Homecooked said...

Hey this is a fun game.Have been playing for a while now.Maybe we should compare our halos to see which one is brighter :)

Gentle Whispers said...

Oh I love this site, got it through facebook. Much better than the normal just click and feed a child. This one is fun.