Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tagging Along!

I was going to grace you people with a big, long post about my birthday (which was GREAT!), but I didn't get around to doing it. Now, it won't make sense to talk about it anymore. I am now 21, so I get over these things faster. :P

Anyhoo, I'm taking up this tag on someone's blog I was reading and methought I'll give it a shot. It's my first time taking up a tag, so please humour me. Also, I shall feel really bad if someone I tag doesn't take it up and ignores me.

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (without taking their names):
  1. How come you're never around when I need a hug?
  2. I really think you are the most fake, sly, pretentious person to ever grace the planet. Kindly do NOT try being cute with me.
  3. I think you can do better than mope about your loss. Did she even deserve you?
  4. You are the reason good things happen to me. I just don't ever know, how to say it.
  5. I wish you'd given me a chance. But perhaps it's a great thing you didn't. That way, I realised what an extremely self-centered and superficial person you are.
  6. For the umpteenth time, parents isn't pronounced 'pAArAnts'! The same rule applies to 'message'.
  7. Never mind. I love you too much to keep reminding you about it.
  8. I may not be a very good writer, but you don't have to keep making it obvious.
  9. I really am a big girl now. Maybe not as big as I think I am, but not as young as you think I am, either. Leave me be.
  10. Can I just punch you? And then cuddle you like there's no tomorrow?
Nine things about yourself:

  1. I am scared of most things. That can include lizards, traffic, escalators, the dark, screaming, horror flicks, and most other stuff.
  2. I am addicted to the internet. I can spend days on the web without coming up with anything productive.
  3. I socialize on the internet, with adequate discretion.
  4. I love hanging out with boys. Girls (with the exception of a handful) bore me to no end.
  5. I am an un-cleanliness freak.
  6. I hate showering (which does not mean I don't shower regularly).
  7. I bite my nails and extract blood from the cuticles. This is more of a habit, and certainly not an under-confidence issue.
  8. I haven't watched TV in the past 1 month.
  9. I dislike going to people's houses for any reason whatsoever.
Eight ways to win your heart:

  1. Be able to cook amazingly well, especially butter chicken.
  2. Get me presents that aren't toys or pink.
  3. Have a killer sense of humour and have traces of a brain.
  4. Don't lambaste Harry Potter (or anything for that matter), without even reading the fucking book.
  5. Eat as messily as I do. People handling knives and forks like they're flowers or something, deserve to die.
  6. Give me my own space. I don't like explaining myself to anybody.
  7. Have a bike. Or a Skoda Octavia. Or an Audi.
  8. Be able to swear well.
Seven things that cross your mind a lot:

  1. Where the fuck are my slippers?
  2. Why am I even giving these stupid exams?
  3. I need to clean my room someday.
  4. Will anybody hire me even as the resident sweeper?
  5. I must buy it soon.
  6. Perhaps I should blog about this.
  7. Will I ever be a better writer?
Six things you wish you never did:

  1. Puked on Darshan, in playgroup.
  2. Made friends with a long list of people.
  3. Remained silent on certain occasions when I should've ideally made a big noise.
  4. Hurt my parents.
  5. Delayed joining the gym.
  6. Read 'One Night @ the Call Centre'.
Five Turn offs:
  1. Bad breath
  2. Body odour
  3. Braggarts
  4. Lack of spunk or intelligence.
  5. Too much hair.
Four turn ons:
  1. The sunset
  2. Bike rides
  3. Seeing my name in print
  4. A warm shower on a long, cold, rainy day.
Three things you want to do before you die:
  1. Buy a Skoda Octavia with my own money.
  2. Learn how to play tennis or squash.
  3. Adopt a child.
Two smileys that describe you:
  1. :D
  2. :|
One confession:

Oh, loads of stuff. But this really ain't the place to do it. :)

I tag:
Anyone who has the time. But specifically, I tag The Wiseass, The White Phoenix, The Silent Entity and The Guru Cool.


avani said...

Dude .. It said FOUR Turn Ons not Five :P

Really really curious about the first part and who you wanna say these things to. . tried guessing (think some of em might be right on. . :))

Very nice post :D

PS: Can you post the birthday one anyway?
Three days into 21 but 21 for a whole year :)

avani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
avani said...

. . . and "Adopt a child" :O

Do what with it?
See how it takes to a second adoption
( because course you'll cry within the first 25 minutes with the poor soul and send it back :))
and write about the entire episode? :P

Anonymous said...

Very GOOD, U are on a roll whats happening, 21 ka first post and its rockin

i see bright future...


Gentle Whispers said...

Interesting list. Think I shall do this tag myself. Though I have not been tagged. :(.

Other than that, did you mean me when you wrote about the good writer part?? Cause I really really think your a good writer. Brilliant in fact. And I would kill to write half as well as you.

Mugger Much said...

LOL. I guess I've understood some of the ten things and who they're pointing at.
At least I've gotten mine. Can't complain; it's the price of fame. :D

Moo said...

@ Avani

FINE, woman!! You don't have to yell about the errors. :p Well, you've guessed what's aimed at who, anyway, so all's good!

About the adoption, I'm going to adopt (fuck I actually typed 'abort' instead of adopt, there. :( ) a small, cute baby girl and then give her away when she becomes around 7 years old. That's when kids stop being cute. Do you mind?

@ Dhamu,

I see bright future for myself too. Writing rubbish is what I do best. :P Keep visiting and stop making me whore around for comments. :p

@ gentle whispers

I wanted to tag you!!! Thought you'd done it before. :( My bad. Reallyyyy sorry. :) And thanks for an uber sweet comment. Makes me all teary eyed and pink cheeked. :D

@ Mugger Much

It doesn't take your genius to figure out which of them's for you, mate. But in my defense, it wasn't meant entirely for you as for someone else. Yes. There are more of you out there. :P ;) You'll still visit, right? *wonders*

@ All

'Nuff said. Keep coming and making yourself at home. :P Blogs like that!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this tagging business before. A good post. And where is the birthday post everyone is talking about?

Over Rated said...

(a)I am addicted to the internet. I can spend days on the web without coming up with anything productive.
(b)I dislike going to people's houses for any reason whatsoever.
(c) Will I ever be a better writer?


I thought I was the only one ...... *cue cheesy evil laugh* *dunno why*

Essji said...

I know u meant to write five turn-ons (wiv the fifth one being u know who) *blushes*
but its ok, we can keep it our lil secret! :D