Friday, March 21, 2008

Goodbye, Second Decade!

On the last day of my life's second decade, I'm slightly melancholic. Now I'm all set to enter a milestone year (21, for those having trouble with the math) and I'm feeling slightly weird. I don't know what course the future will take, whether I'll be allowed stupid errors in judgment just because "I'm still a kid". Now it'll be the me in the widely and universally discussed, big bad world. Right. On this note, I take the liberty to reminiscence about a few things. Some fond memories, others, not so fond.

In the past year I have...

Been a friend to as many people as I could, trying to go out of my way to make someone's life a little easier. As of today, I don't think I've purposely turned a deaf ear to someone who wanted me by their side. Forgive me, if I have.

Loved a few people with the depth of my being. In fact, I still love them enough to do anything for them.

Worked for an entire year at a job I barely liked. But worked, nonetheless.

Read quite a few good books, but not as many as I'd liked to have read.

Written very less for a person who wants to take up writing as a career. And written loads of rubbish too.

Realised that Pikachu is the ideal girlfriend ever. Life without her would be a lot less messy, but a lot less amazing fun too. Here's to the only girl I adore to bits *raises 25 vodka shots (she knows why such an extravagant number :P ) *

Taken undue advantage of Doordarshan (I'm renaming him in this post, so stay tuned) and never managed to tell him how much I love him. He's somehow always been a part of all the good things happening in my life, and at most times, responsible for them. I'd be so totally lost without his giant presence. *wink wink*

Met a lot of genuinely nice people in weird places such as the internet (!). They've made me realise that people on the net need not always be dickheads. They can be fatheads too. :p Heehee... Deserving special mention at this precise spot are The Guru Cool, The White Phoenix and The Nicest Geek. Hate to admit this and bloat your already helium-ed egos, but you have made a difference to my life in ways I'd rather not mention. ;)

Joined the gym. And in three months, lost almost 5 kgs. Oh yes, I'm not quitting anytime soon, either.

Learnt how to drive responsibly and safely.

Imbibed a variety of swearwords that refuse to unstick themselves from my brain. :(

Actually had a cellphone review printed in the newspaper. And received compliments for it.

Known what it is like to lose a coveted dream job through no fault of your own.

Studied really less.

Enjoyed college life.

Learnt German enough to identify German words. :(

Shopped a little too much.

Failed to eat a cheesecake. :'(

Realised that this list is never-ending and my faithful readers are going zzzz....

Anyhoo, time to pick up phone calls and open presents. Promise to write if my birthday is eventful. Wish me a happy birthday!! :D

P.S. I think I will rename Doordarshan in my next post. :P


Manoj Payardha said...

Seriously (wiping my tears off) I never thought the 20 year old mukta will be a thing of past she was fun and nice to hang around with but i am sure nothing would probably replace the 20 yr old mukta and this is hurting me in a way that my words can 't suggest

Mugger Much said...

Go have a blast!

PS: For the shoutout, aww, you shouldn't have - my "helium-ed" ego is getting all tickly now.
PPS: Sorry again, for you-know-what, but I guess now's as good a time as any.


the white phoenix said...

One of your best posts moo.
Even your birthday-baloon-like-inflated-ego needs some extra air:P
So enjoy the 3rd decade, its the best one for sure.

chandni said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

OOO the small Moo is now 21.

You have had good and bad experince in the past thats good.

But with the writting skill that you have me is sure u will make it big one day.

Have a gr8 life.