Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday blues (and reds and blacks and greys and whites!)

So, your Moo is getting exceptionally whiny and jumpy even by normal Mooey standards. This week, we are turning exactly 21 years of age, and we have to celebrate our birthday studying Amitav Ghosh and Robinson Crusoe. Not a good life, this. Quite enough to get even the happiest cow in the world, down!

Add to it, I haven't been able to go shopping (serves me right for excessive shopping throughout the year) and I have nothing to look forward to. Pikachu and Gugu have given me a treat already, with the most wonderful presents in the world. So that's done. My sister hasn't gone shopping for me yet, for "lack of time". *guffaws LOUDLY* And I already know what my mum's giving me (hint: it's NOT a tractor). Ah well, that leaves me intrigued enough only for Doordarshan's present (who needs urgent lessons in subtlety, though). He randomly called me up the other day, and THIS is how the conversation went. And as Dave Barry says, we are not making this up! ;-)

* Cell phone rings *

Hello? What's up, Doordarshan?
Doordarshan (without any ado): Do you like black, white, red or grey?
Me: Good afternoon to you too. Nice weather, no?
Doordarshan: Shut up and answer the question. (Repeats question one).
Me (rather grumpily): Depends on what you're buying. All are good depending on the object it will colour.
Doordarshan: Hmm. Do you like Nike, Reebok or Adidas?
Me (almost jumping happily in manner of Tarzan): Are you buying me shoes? Or gym wear?
Doordarshan (getting irritated with lack of suitable answers): Do you like Nike, Reebok or Adidas?
Me: Nike and Adidas. ARE THEY SHOES?
Doordarshan: Right. Nike and Adidas. Seeya! Bye!

* hangs up*

Hmph. Darned Doordarshan. I'm going crazy wondering what Nike or Adidas thing he's bought me, that is red / black / grey or white. And that's the only present I can expect. Sheeesh. I'm one greedy cow.


Ok this was truly a random post. Like the (highly overrated) compulsive confessor says, I'll give you a more structured post next time. Toodle-oo!

P.S. My birthday's on the 22nd of this month. Wish meeee!


Anonymous said...

hey doordarshan called me and told me he was at CHOOR BAZAAR buy your Bday Gift. (LOL)

guess who?

Gentle Whispers said...

Random posts- the best kind! :D. Nike and Adidas. Not bad, not bad at all.

And hey, some presents are better than no presents at all right?

Manoj Payardha said...

I am sure birthday is an important day .It's a day to celebrate the fact that u managed to not get yourself killed for one whole fucking year now that is no ordinary achievement

the white phoenix said...

i will tell you what you get in nike and adidas that's red/blue/black/grey - those plastic water-bottles .... hehawhawhawhaw.

WiseAss said...

Correction: I did NOT say I don't have time to go shopping for you, I said I don't have time for frivolous activities.

As things stand now, all I can say to you is: GTHB.