Monday, May 29, 2006

Not Fit to Love Me

Attitude… that looks good only on me.
No, not on you, you snotty-faced teen!
Yeah, so you hope to make me your arm candy someday,
Ma fille, believe me that ain’t happening, anyday!
Stop including me in your plans of the future,
Sticking to one person is just not in my nature.
Anyway, you just aren’t my kinda individual,
So let’s just keep this friendship casual.

What’s that? Why am I rejecting you?
Ah well, for that there are reasons more than one or two.
Let’s just not get into the intricacies of that, shall we?
You just aren’t what I would want my soul mate to be.
Why don’t you find someone more compatible?
Someone loving, caring, and even a little gullible?
So sweetie, don’t waste your time, and go find something to do,
Although why you bother to persuade me, I don’t have a clue.

Okay, who am I kidding? I love you more than I can ever express,
And now that I speak about this, I shan’t digress.
Why have you left me behind here, so carelessly?
And I used to think you loved me endlessly.
You didn’t even bother to turn around and give me a look,
Pah! For all your silly promises, you turned out to be a crook.
Nyah, now don’t bother, it won’t make a difference,
I’m closing the file on you now, kindly pardon my indifference.....


donnie said...

Wah Wah Wah Subhan Allah

Sunny said...

lol i love this stuff! :P indugent!! lol

mukta said...

@ donnie

*blush blush blush*

@ sunny

*grin grin grin* thanks pal!!!! cant help the grins, tho.....=p

sonam said...

haha i love the poem the first half was inspired by me wasn't it?!confess!CONFESS!;)

mukta said...

@ sonam,

hey missy, quit flattering yourself and go find something to do!!!

G@K said...

Aila...tu toh kavi nikli. Aajse tumhara naam muk-ta nahi, kavi-ta hoga! :p