Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nothing, Really.

Its crazy how people have so much to do. I know IITians, people my age coming up with online music magazines (which you can check here, people doing photography, friends with an ambition. Friends who know what they want.

And here i am, no talent, no luck, no hard-work; just an inconsequential lump on the planet finishing the earth's resources needed for other purposes.

Man, i need to get a life!

...And an ambition.

...And some talent.

...and some luck for good measure.

Goodbye cruel world.

I am off.

To admire my new haircut.

PS: Where would I get some readymade success?


G@K said...

U hv loads of talent, and u r ambitious too. Dont worry u'll get ur own success. Nd new haircut?

mukta said...

yep, got it just yesterday. not to thrilled with it, though.... where are you, fella?

Rohit said...

i didnt know u r good 4 nothin...i thought u r tottal bookworm wid no time for other things.when did u hv new haircut by the way ?? i didnt notice it !!!