Sunday, May 14, 2006

A REALLY funny thing happened the other day. I have a (brand crazy) friend, who I don’t prefer talking to much these days. Two years ago, we were the best of buddies, the kind who are just a little more than friends. Well, we stopped talking because of some crappy political reasons. Yes, people. I wish I was kidding, but I’m so not. Well, it’s a long story, and I don’t want to indulge in the gory details. But stuff like, I hate Maharashtrians and I am a Communist, does your friendship no good.

The day before, two other friends, Mr. Pseudo Yechuri and myself were to meet up to discuss a new venture we are contemplating. I messaged everybody to inform them of the place we to haunt that evening and at what time, namely the nearest McDonald’s (burgers go great with discussions!).

After receiving my message, Mr. Red calls me up. The following are the excerpts.

Him: Hey! Just got your message.
Me: Hmm…What about it?
Him: Wanted to talk about that.
Me: (confused) Oooookay….!
Him: Can we meet someplace else?
Me: Why?
Him: I try and avoid McDonald’s these days.
Me: Is it because of the mouldy cheese and stale bread you came across two years ago?
Him: Erm….no…not really…
Me: There is a Pizza Hut a stone’s throw away, in that case.
Him: Erm…no….not that either….
Me: (exasperated) Then where? Café Coffee Day? Barista?
Him: Erm… no… not really….
Me: (extremely irritated) And just why not?
Him: You won’t understand if I tell you.
Me: (back to being confused) Are you against fast food or something?
Him: Erm…no…not really…
Me: If you say that ONE more time, I shall go and scream into a pillow!
Him: Er…This may sound ridiculous to you, but I avoid places like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and the others you just mentioned.
Me: (very very VERY confused) And why on earth is that?
Him: I try and avoid places with foreign capital investments. And since you know how I am about food, I might end up eating something, which I don’t want to do.
Me: You’re right, it does sound ridiculous.
Him: Well, that’s what I believe in. So I can’t really help it if it sounds ridiculous to you.
Me: Well okay, I’ll think of another place and let you know.
Him: Sounds good. Bye then.
Me: Bye.

So according to my friend, the moral of the story is that if you support the Communists, you’re not to sit and eat in a restaurant which has its roots in some capitalistic country. But its okay to wear Jeans manufactured by companies like Levis, Pepe, Wrangler and shoes by Sprandi, Reebok. Oh yeah, a Nokia phone doesn’t hurt too. Just no eating stuff, okay? You might get thrown outta the party if they know you shat capitalist shit that morning. Blasphemy!

Samjhe, bhidu? Now do you blame me if I don’t talk to him unless absolutely necessary?


Taxi said...

Maa Kasam! Are you actually putting down a man driven by such strong convictions? So what if I wear Nike joggers, Wrangler jeans, Von Dutch tees and even Jockey briefs; IT'S THE WADA PAV AND DOSA THATS THE KEY TO OUR ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNITY, AND I'M SORRY, BUT I WONT COMPROMISE ON IT BY CONDONING BURGERS AND FOOT-LONGS***!!!

*** Even if it makes me a hypocritical chutia. Conditions apply.

mukta said...

@ nandan a.k.a. taxi,

by god you are a hypocritical chutia! hehe....didnt have to mention that separately!

thanks for dropping by.

donnie said...


Its funny how you come across such stupid people.

LuveeN said...

the shit u wrote is awesome n i totally agree with you
jus do me a favour tell that guy hes an ass

mukta said...


Mr, shit cannot be awesome! but thanks anyway...and i suppose he knows he's an ass at any rate. =p!