Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rib-Tickling Things heard in the Train (Muktaisms are present in brackets, of course!):

Lady # 1 (in rude voice) : Please take your newspaper aside, it might hurt me.
Lady #2 (cannot believe her ears) : Its just a newspaper, woman! Not an elephant wrapped in tissue paper. How can it hurt?
(Hee hee…bravo!)

College going gal (On the phone, supposedly to boyfriend) : No re, I won’t buy the red one. I know you hate red. And anyway, you said black lingerie looks best on me!
(Uh huh, sure…but nothing's what looks best on ya, baby!)

Woman (On the phone, to relative) : I am on my way to your place. I am bringing some mango milkshake and idlis from Sheetal. We shall start main course with that…(ugh! Mango milkshake and idlis, together? Really?)

Man (to his friend) : ... And remember the time we lined his butt crack with butter? Hardy har har…
(Doooooode…are you saying you unzipped a friend’s pants, turned him over, separated his butt cheeks, and actually put your finger(s) in there?)

Woman (to two other women, assuming discreet tone) : And you know? When I phirst deed eet with my hujhband na, I got verrry bad boils down over there. We couldn’t do all such activiteez for a month. (
Erm… just a leeetle doubt there. Will this particular gem of a conversation classify under ‘rib-tickling’ or ‘bile-rising’???)

Guy (to pregnant wife) : You’re in a Virar? Be careful, haan. I don’t want you to bring our baby in your hand…. Hahahaa….
(Mister, a Virar train is all about squeezing your insides outta you. So if your baby’s in there, see that it isn’t ‘out of hand’!)

Well, now do you know why train journeys can hardly be a bore?

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donnie said...

This is good stuff but this is the "First class" stuff. Get to the "Second Class" and it will get more intersting and spicy (hehehehe)