Saturday, August 01, 2009

You've got to have a bunch of potatoes for eyes, if you haven't noticed the new interiors my blog is sporting. Almost 90% of the people I know have genuinely liked it (they'd better), while the others have nodded politely and played along.

But hey, what's not to like? There's an awfully cuddly cow and there's lot of greenery. Now you have to admit. Don't you feel like reaching out snuggling the cow? Come on, ADMIT!

And how can I not thank dear Gakash for this new look? He made the template in 30 minutes flat! He accepts orders too. I take 80% commission on every new template he creates. And no, you cannot approach him on the sly. Rascals.

Well, this was a quick post to tell you I'm around and not dead (yet). Will update real soon! :)



crackfire said...

I'll give you your 80% provided mine is designed on probono basis !

Sreejit said...

For a minute I thought I reached some other blog. The new template really looks good.

Keep bloggin..