Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Away from peeping eyes...

They walked into her building, hand in hand.

"Look at those two," said a neighbour to another, "Always walking in and out at any time they like. No decency or shame..."

"God knows what they do up there for so many hours. Girls these days..." said the other neighbour.

Ignoring the women's jibes and taunts, they trudged on at their own pace and entered the lift.

They entered her apartment. The very next minute, she collapsed on the sofa, tired.

"Wait, I'll make you some coffee, princess. You rest for a bit," he said.

"Thanks darling. I love you," she smiled through her headache.

10 minutes later, she sat up drinking her piping hot cuppa Joe. He took her cup to the sink and washed it, while she sat wondering what she'd done to deserve him.

"Sweetheart," he said, holding her closely in his arms, "I really think I shouldn't be coming here too often. The nasty women from your building say and think really sick things about us."

"Like what?" she asked.

"You know like what," he said.

"Tell me... Like what?" she persisted.

"You know, like we're humping each other the second we walk in through that door. It's sickening, how their minds work. Almost makes you want to shower," he vented.

"Who cares what they think?" she asked.

"I do. There's no reason they should worry so much about our sex lives or whether or not we have one. Doesn't their peskiness affect you one bit?"

"Not really."

"What? How come?"

"Because every moment I spend in peace with you here, in complete privacy, away from peeping eyes is worth every taunt, every jibe."

"I know, baby. But..."

"I don't care if they think we're making love out of sin. For me, that cup of coffee you make me is as sacred as making love to you. Every caress is as special. Do you think I care about nosey women from my building, when you're holding me tight and saying lovely things in my ear?"

"You know what?" he asked.

"What?" she said.

"I love you more than my life."


Mugger Much said...

Been there. It gets better.

Sakshi said...

Moo that is like the sweetest, cutest and soooooo lovable...!!! awwww... I so agree.. with the post...

Phoenix said...

Do such girls exist in today's day and age?

oRange* said...

im smiling like a maniac out here!

My Foot? said...

:'( :'( Oh man! That's super cute. I want someone to make me coffee too....

Sreejit said...

Too good... Lovely post.

golden_retreat said...

too good.... lovely!