Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ode to a Lammy

A great day has gone by me, and I'm so afraid of losing it to a tomorrow that might not be as glamorous as today. One thing was completely missing, though. That would be the Lammy's frivolous banter on GTalk.

Lammy is my best f(r)iend in the history of friends (after Mika, obviously, before she bursts a vein). For the past six-seven months that I know him, he's constantly been around to remind me that there can be no one more inquisitive, in-your-face, tiresome and adorable than he is. Like I said, I've known him for a mere seven months now, but it just goes to show that a mere notion like 'time' cannot define what equation you will have with a person. If it clicks, it clicks. If it doesn't, it never will. And that's the golden rule of all relationships.

It's just so queer how used you get to someone's e-presence to get you through the day. He's currently on a two-week leave, for his cousin's wedding, Christmas, etc. and I'm almost clinically depressed at how much I'm going to miss the man. I'm almost repenting for all the times he's cribbed about his office and I've told him to shut up, wishing I'd given him more time while he was around. Now there's hardly anyone interesting to talk to online, and since I don't mix around with my colleagues too much, I think I'll just have to pretend about working, a lot harder than usual. Or perhaps just open a book and start reading when I feel like it (and get sacked, too!).

So Lammy, it's killing me to say this and I'm almost choking, but you'd better get your goofy butt back to work soon. I'm missing all the free rickshaw rides in the morning (my traveling spends have taken a sudden upward turn), the 'have a nice day, you COW' messages when I get off the train, the endless reports on all the hot girls spotted in the day, the sheer disappointment of discovering that I haven't seen a good movie he feels so strongly about, the endless hints, begging and pleading that I dedicate a post to him on my blog (THERE! I hope you're happy now), and the utterly random messages in the middle of a crisis at work. I'm missing it all. :(

Come back soon, Lammy. Work's not the same without you talking nonsense at the other side of the screen. Actually, life's not the same without your madness and friendship. Loadsa love. :)

P.S. Will courier you the exact amount you owe me for this piece. Because, sweetheart, nothing in life is ever free! :P


G@K said...

/ \
Sticks pins into lammy doll! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Moo said...

@ G@K,

Hahahaha! Why are you so jealous? You're my brother. Not a friend. :P

*wiggles way out of awkward situations*

the white phoenix said...
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the white phoenix said...

"Now there's hardly anyone interesting to talk to online"

Thanks for enlightening me!!!!!