Friday, December 19, 2008

So bored, I'm actually contemplating washing the office loo...

The Fridays after issue closing are the toughest ones to battle. You're supposed to sit around looking all intelligent and busy, when there's absolutely nothing to do, and even lesser inclination to work. The weekend that looms over your head then does not help matters, either. So you end up hitting refresh on your Gmail till the mouse gives up on you, while simultaneously scouting for long lost friends to catch up with over chat (who miraculously are never online when you want to and can talk).

Today is one such utterly frustrating day. My boss isn't around either, and my colleague and I are absolutely at our wit's end on how to pass the time fruitfully. She's Facebooking and Twittering away to glory, but that's losing it's charm too. (On a completely side note, Facebook should come up with something that makes your profile look weirdly interesting, everytime you say refresh. HEY! Don't steal that idea and make millions out it, Mark Zuckerberg!) I'm blogging, and so far this is my third attempt at coming up with an articulate post. Man! I'd prefer the madness of issue closing days to shitty days like these, when you know you could have given a satisfied "after-lunch" burp at home instead, and curled up for an afternoon nap.

Let's see. So far, I've called up mum twice for absolutely no reason, with a cheery, "What are you doing, ma?" To which she tells me what she's been upto, patiently, secretly wondering if her youngest daughter's smoked up. "You're feeling ok, right?" she asks me, very unsure about my mental sanity.

" *giggle* yeah Mom. Don't worry. I love you." I say, and I sign off.

Who to bug next? I pick on Ro, my favourite family member outside my immediate family. I kept telling him to "SAY SOMETHING" even when he was talking, so he finally told me to take a flying one. And now he's gone too. :(

The White Phoenix was sulking with me about something else, and I did not make matters any better by laughing at him. Result? Guess guess. He stopped replying. Seriously, if I continue like this much longer, I won't have any friends or family left. Boohoo! :'(

I also called up Lammy twice in the space of half an hour. One time the guy was out buying eggs I believe, and the other time he was talking to his aunty. Nobody has time for me. Nobody loves me. :(

Now I'm going to go, and play some pictionary online on If you choose to play in office, don't tell anyone I told you about the link. :P Have fun! And have an equally awesome weekend. :D


Mugger Much said...

"I also called up Lammy twice in the space of half an hour. One time the guy was out buying eggs"...

I read that as "burying eggs", and, somehow, there was a whole conspiracy theory in my head, starring the Easter Bunny.

Man I need a life.

PS: There's your comment, you silly silly girl. We all love your blog. Now go back and write some more. Shoo.

Vimal said...

im waiting for the issue to close again (whatever that means)...write more often!