Tuesday, August 08, 2006

...And That's The Way It Is?

I have been at home AND doing nothing for so long now, that I am certain I have sprouted a beard and have branches poking out of my nose. And for those of you who sniggered at the beard part, take this...*middle finger*. Seriously people, I cannot go on this way for long. Branches out of my nose wouldn't be the most sophisticated thing to happen to a poise queen like me.

The other day, I walked to the shop downstairs to pick up some stuff, and I overheard two schoolgirls conversing, each holding a candy. The following are the excerpts from their conversation : -

Schoolgirl #1: Aaj aayegi khelneko?
Schoolgirl #2: Nahi yaar, mujhe mummy maregi. Geography ka homework karne ka hai, hindi-marathi tuitions ke baad maths classes jaana hai.

Believe me, I have never felt like more of a loser in my life. These kids were barely in the 7th Grade, and had a whole list of what they had to do that evening, plus with no time left over. All of my friends (except Avani, who is my one faithful companion!) have hardly any time for anything, leave alone talk to me. How long is this gonna continue?

I need a job, quick!

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Varsha said...

Good Luck for job hunting