Sunday, July 23, 2006

College Woes

College is agony, college is a pain,
And this dreary life is driving me insane.
Getting up each morning is like going through hell,
And so is reaching in time, just before the bell.
Listening mindlessly to the professors droning,
Inwardly yawning, dozing and groaning.
And then there’s the jotting down of notes, a charade,
Can college really be fun? Or is it a mirage?

The break is comparatively better than the rest,
But it involves no fun, no zeal or zest.
Why aren’t there any good eateries around?
Other colleges seem to have those, abound.
Have all the cute guys of the place, drowned?
There certainly are none around.
Instead what we find are retarded freaks,
Just moneyed, idiotic, half-baked pricks.

About studies, don’t even get me started,
The stuff we study about is plain retarded
But then again, things could get worse,
I must quit believing my college is a curse.
Now I must go and do something I loathe,
I must pack my bag, set my alarm and snore.
Wake up to a sound that I hate the most,
And get dressed for college, like a half-slept ghost!

(special thankoo to donnie, for helping me out with the rhymes!):


Sunny said...


Rohit said...

tooo to kavi bhi nikli re....damn good it is....keep it up....but waitin 4 short storyyyyy... hehe

donnie said...

Yup it is AW AWESOME!!!!! You might take time with a post but its worth the wait. Keep up the good work.


Saroja said...
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Saroja said...

Er... Mukta, u sure u want me to read ur blog posts?

On a brighter note, well, isn't this verse? And in couplets too! I thought someone hated poetry!!!

Particularly loved the line:
"Listening mindlessly to the professors droning"
hem hem :)

P.S. Sorry, incorrigible habit, but 'abound' is not an adjective. It has to be 'abound in' something. The compulsions of rhyme do lead us astray. hehe

mukta said...

well, i do appreciate the criticism here, ma'am...but then, how about some poetic license please? forgive me this once! :D

and thanks, your comment means a LOT. keep visiting.

Taxi said...

Thank you Lord for the food we eat...
Thank you Lord for...

Sorry, lost my way around the place...

But Man!! Poetry and all, huh? Smart stuff... Especially considering all my poems start with the sentence "I have a cat"...

Beg to differ said... thankoo to me? I also helped with the rhymes.

mukta said...

@ beg to differ...

yes yes, why not? 'true' does rhyme with flibbertigibbet...grrrr...