Friday, August 11, 2006

....I Know You're Falling In Love With Me

(Sorry dear readers, for subjecting you to another lame attempt at poetry. I think this one sucks the most, since I was extremely upset and angry; and the moods sort of conflicted.)

The roses, the chocolates, the warm greetings,
Your sweet nothings, our much-awaited meetings.
If what I think is really what I see,
I know you’re falling in love with me.

Your special care and loving compassion,
All the fawning and undivided attention.
From you, time for me is a free commodity,
I know you’re falling in love with me.

What have I done to gain your affection?
Such warm embraces, your trust and fascination?
You try really hard, but you can’t let me be,
I know you’re falling in love with me.

This, I guess was all that it could be,
I hope you won’t be too hung up on me.
But may I say these words so true?
I know I’m falling in love with you.


Donald said...

Thats a very neat one yaar, falling in love is very nice and the way u have written it reminds me of my days.

Keep it up

mukta said...

hey donnie thanks a ton yaar, you always leave me the nicest comments ever!

G@K said...

Hmmm... Tere poem ke vajah se Elvis Presley ka gaana bhool gaya mein.

mukta said...

somehow i know you guys don't like this poem. That's good in a way, cause i sort of dont like it myself...and i HATE anyone disagreeing with me... :P

Rohit said...

that ws tooo good.... clap clap clap !!!! damn good...nw toh im becoming fan of ur poems too..i hope nw u dont stop doin it.....

Saroja said...

Hi again. Good one here.

Tell me something, seriously, - ponder over it a little if u like -why do u write? i mean, generally, what makes you write? Just curious :) Sorry if u think i am being nerdy.

mukta said...

Well, one of the reasons my blog isn't a daily is because I don't want to make it an online diary sort of thing. So I guess, I write when anything around me strikes me as funny, silly, profound, reflective, ANYTHING actually.

[Now that i think about this, I know this isn't a convincing answer...but I WILL reflect on this!]

Saroja said...

That was the idea behind the question my dear! ;)

Saroja said...

And my question was not WHEN do u write, but WHY do you write.

mukta said...

grrr....well! For starters, I write because it makes me happy. I get a huge high, when I see my name in print anywhere; be it my own blog or a newspaper or website. It feels really great when I write something that I appreciate (first and foremost), and also other people. Writing fulfils me as a person, and nothing gives me greater consolation when I am upset, happy, sad, disgusted, anything. It takes me to this world where its just me and the wonderful universe of words, where nobody can take it away from me. And nothing gives me greater satisfaction than successfully penning down my thoughts.

WHEW! This was truly heartfelt, and I hope that answers your question. :) further scrutiny is allowed, of course... :D

Saroja said...


Sorry for provoking the "grr...", but happy about evoking the heartfelt. Now, tell me honestly, didn't you enjoy the introspection? The answer was sought for yourself, not for me.


Next post could be on that! It helps not just to look around but to look within as well. Now i won't carry the banter to the point of exasperation... leave the rest to you. :)

mukta said...

:D.. The 'grrr' was actually for comic relief; and I'm not too happy admitting this, but yeah the introspection was fun. Why not have some stuff like this in the literature class? Anything to keep from continuous sessions of poetry. They provoke an 'AAARGH!'

*haha* now I'd better flee before you come to get me... ;)

Saroja said...

Suspected there was something cheeky coming, so just looked in n i was right!

The continuous sessions of poetry are held in the hope that people who otherwise show up unscrupulously only for film screenings learn something of true poetic sense which consisits of much more than random ravings about college composed to cover up the unacknowledged guilt of vamoosing from lectures.

And well... if u would rather have the introspections voiced aloud in the midst of 30-odd people, n leave the poems to the mercy of exams, I shall be glad to try out ur suggestion. Wanna rethink?

(Excuse me... I think ur blog's turning into a rubbish dump for verbal battles.)

mukta said...

Hmm..I suppose personal attacks are totally uncalled for here. Especially when blogs are supposed to be places to air 'private' thoughts. So, I suppose the last comment wasn't supposed to be taken to heart, right? *confused*

well, as for the rubbish dump part, I didn't really start the whole thing! :D

Beg to differ said...

Uh, get a life, you (professor, not the blogger). Its just a poem.

Saroja said...

@ beg to differ

This is the big sis (or is it a coz?) baring her teeth I presume... My life is shrouded in poetry. And so is the blogger's at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for the frank one-liner. :) Half-formed profs do get carried away sometimes.

Nagesh Pai said...

hmmm you are reading the signs right!! indeed he is falling in love with you and is expected to comment soon :-)

Tulika said...

Mukkkkkta how cum u dnt like poems,u ur self cn cum a poet.if i hv to propose anyone il surely use this.dnt mindd..