Thursday, October 01, 2009

A hurriedly scribbled post

Like the title says, this is a very hurried post. Your blog post would be hurried too, if some last minute packing was to be done, dinner was to be eaten, bedroom was to be made to look like human habitat and less like earthquake site and songs to be put into iPod. All this amidst mum popping in from the kitchen every 10 minutes like a cuckoo and saying ,"Will you get off the computer and FINISH the stuff you have to do?"

Yeah. In a minute.

Anyway, quick update about my life, in bullet form because that's all I have time for:

1) I'm alive, and well.
2) I've quit my job (officially), but my boss is calling it 'indefinite leave'. I don't know what to call my sabbatical yet. Will decide when I'm back from my chhuti.
3) I'm off to Delhi tomorrow, speaking of chhutis, for a mini-break of five days. I'm going to be putting up at Sakshi's place. More about that when I return. Plus if you're lucky, you'll get pictures.
4) I have this lingering feeling like I've forgotten to pack something important. But I have certainly packed the chuddies, toothbrush, tickets and money, so I think I can survive without the other stuff.
5) I am officially broke now. Please contribute heavily to my 'Let's support Moo in the time of need' fund. I accept cash, cheques, gift vouchers, demand drafts and sodexho coupons.
6) I will sorely miss Mum, Dad, Sheroo, Snowy and Lammy throughout my trip. So used to talking to them every, single day. I'm such a wuss.

And now that's all you're getting. Detailed posts about life in general later. Leave me comments and be good.



Mugger Much said...

See Spot run, see Spot play!

See Spot quit her job and vacation for eternity.

Waiting for pikchars I remain,
The Mugger Much.

Gentle Whispers said...

I hope your having a wonderful time in Saddi Dlli. Hopefully, you'll have enough material for tons of posts when you get back.

WiseAss said...

After saying 'bullets', she numbers her points. Stimpud.

And hey, why the hurry getting back?

Sreejit said...

Hey, not been blogging or following yr posts for sometime...

Seems lots happening at your end.
Quit job!! So what plans??

Holidaying is always a great option... Keep posting. I saw you tagged me in some post, will surely blog about it.