Sunday, October 25, 2009

You know life's good when...

1) Your boss is nice enough to convince you to stay back although you've quit. And not just because he particularly needs you, but because he cares enough to convince you that you're making a bad career move.

2) When you join work again and almost half the office thumps you on the back with sheer happiness.

3) You feel good about going to work, because suddenly everything seems sunshine-y.

4) You have enough money to buy your mum a washing machine, on a whim, without calculating your budgets.

5) You really love meeting old friends, who in turn, seem absolutely happy in catching up with you.

6) You are in touch with the first guy friend you ever made, and love how he's turned into this really awesome, witty, funny person.

7) You have the power to make Manchester United lose by going on saying that they will, just to spite your best friend and cousin (read: Lammy and Rohit). Hee hee. This is fun especially since you don't even care two hoots about what happens to the future of football.

8) People tell you, you write well. (Ok ok, that may not be true, but a little flattery never hurt anyone!)

9) One of your closest friends is almost getting a job she's really been wanting. With AWESOME money too.

10) Your haircut (courtesy Mikachu) looks lovely and you begin to feel like the diva that you've wanted to be. :P (Shameless plug: I'm not saying this because she's my best friend, but she's a REALLY fabulous hair dresser. You should totally get your cut from her sometime. Just go to Bandra, Mad-o-wot). :)

11) When you've read the entire Harry Potter series, for the 8th time (excluding book seven).

12) When you're up at 12 in the night, wanting to make a list of all the things that make you happy.

* big, happy smile* :D

I love you, world!


Lamont said...

Next time me wont tell u when Man Utd is playing..... U mean cow.... dont jinx my team.... LOL

Sakshi said...

when you are happy and you know it, clap your hands... Muah

Over Rated said...

If it was anyone else who talked about reading the Harry Potter novels for the 8th time, I would be pointing and laughing like crazy. But since you have lots of money now, we can just call you 'eccentric' and gloss over it.

And despite all the 'eccentric' behavior, I do think you write well. Really well. But you know that already!

See, I can be nice too! . . . :P

wv: squalpen

Sreejit said...

Why on Earth are you against Man Utd?? Since now atleast three people who follow yr blog are Utd die hards, I think you shud shift allegiance to the great club.

About yr post, good to see the happiness and even through the post its rubbing in..

Big Chief said...

How come I wasn't mentioned at all? Am I not a cause for happiness? :(

Mikachu said...

Thank for the PR dude :)
PS: I've read Potter more times than you..loser.

Mikachu said...

(before you torture me about my typos)

Also also i'm all happy too. Yay.

Moo said...

@ Lammy,

It's not really a national secret, when they play, you know. :P And stop being obsessed, I'll stop being mean! :p

@ Sakshi,

As my friend had once very wisely said - "If you're happy and you know it, slap your man!" :P

@ Overrated,
I like Harry Potter. Ok, the books become a little unreasonable in the end, but so what?! We come from the land where Bollywood is made! Little surprises me.

And don't compliment me the next time. :D It's NOT becoming on you. ;)

@ Sreejit,

Oh god! I have to campaign against ANOTHER Man U fan? I'm losing patience now. :p

@ Uglyhair,

I was happy until you commented. :( Now the sunshine's gone back in.

@ Mikachu,

Well, who's the loser now? LOSER! And don't take away your typos from me :(

young-rao said...

Oh no. All that does *NOT* happen to you. No way!

Apoorva Dixit said...

haha! I will read this article whenever I feel down!