Monday, March 26, 2007

My Agenda for the Vacations

It's high time I decided what I exactly plan to achieve in these vacations. Generally I have monumental plans before the holidays actually begin, which I then keep procrastinating, and I finally achieve, umm...well...nothing. But things have to change around here, now. I am a new and improved person, wiser than last year by twelve whole months and a person of substance.

My agenda for the vacation is as follows:

  1. Since I am not a teenager any more, I will not indulge in frivolous activities like computer games. From now on, there will be lesser of and MSN Uno, and more of reading and writing. I'm, after all, a person of substance.
  2. Try and keep myself in shape. And by that I don't mean, round-shape. I will not let myself be spread out like a banyan tree.
  3. Visit my libraries at least twice in 3 weeks, and not keep renewing my books in manner of a busy person with no time to read.
  4. Reply to all e-mails and messages. This will keep all friends happy.
  5. SPEND LESS TIME ON BLOODY ORKUT. Realise that it is a useless site with absolutely no intellectual value and the biggest reason for having no time to do anything constructive. Check orkut only once a day and that too not more than 15 minutes.
  6. Try and be regular with sleeping. Also refrain from sleeping too much and at all irregular times.
  7. Go out for more walks and meet up with friends.
  8. Stop writing like I'm imitating Bridget Jones (seriously...why am I sounding like her?).
  9. Reduce the number of times I eat out and eat wholesome, healthy, home-cooked food.
  10. Spend a lot of quality time with mommy.
  11. Learn how to drive.
  12. Buy lots of books. Oh, and read them too.
  13. Spend less time on the phone chatting aimlessly. Also try and reduce cell phone bills as they burn a collosal hole in my minuscule pocket.
  14. Not shop compulsively and buy clothes I will not even look at when I come home. Realise that money takes a whole month to appear in bank account, and does not materialise as and when I want it.
  15. Keep my room cleaner, and clear mum's doubts of a hurricane hitting it. Was very insulted when ants crawled out from under a pillow when an aunt was visiting.
  16. Try and finish reading the prescribed books for next year, so I am abreast of all that will happen in class. Then I can piss my classmates off by answering all of the professor's questions and appear like a wiseass.
  17. Write more constructive blogs.
  18. Refer to this post everytime I drift away from this plan of action.

Wish me luck and a fruitful vacation, folks!! And if you're lucky, you'll have more blog posts hurled your way! :P


donnie said...

Dam thats a big list and a lot to do. ALL the best keep it up gurl(wait a min r u serious) NAAHH

Keep rockin

WiseAss said...

Ahem, two small doubts:
1. 'Person of substance'? You put on weight AGAIN?
2. 'Write more constructive blogs'. Um, when? Can hardly wait. (snigger, giggle)

amit296 said...


Amul said...

ahh!! are you really going to follow this? I bet..(As i noticed u whole day on orkut [:D]).

Good Luck Dear

Manoj Payardha said...

best of luck!!!

sameermhatre said...

coool list ..hope i can also make such list some day ..but not time for me :D..

nice post .all the best ;)

Tulika said...

Hey Muksie,
ur capable of doing that, il just have to request our principal Sir to extend our holidays coz thats a looong list.. all d best.. :D

Saroja said...

Okay, since you are bullying me into commenting, I will say this: looking forward to those incredible transformations!

mukta said...

@ Donnie,

It's bad manners to discourage somebody at the onset of a 'shubh kaarya' . :P thanks for vijiting!!

@ Wiseass a.k.a Sheroo,

You are just a female sheroo. That's all I can say. Please don't keep visiting.

@ amit296,

Obscure comment, but thanks for visiting!

@ amul,

You have no right to make such observations. So what if they are true? :D Thanks and keep coming!

@ Manoj,

Sad comment. Not worthy of you. Kill yourself. ;)

@ Sameer,

It is never too late for good work!! Thanks for dropping by!

@ Tulika,

Haha!! You wish. Chup chap get your ass in time for the results!

@ Saroja Ma'am,

I am looking forward to those transformations too! Dunno if they'll ever happen though. I hope you have restored your faith in the blog. :P

Rohit said...

i really doubt ur gonna b able to do all that stuf....Especially driving and keepin ur room clean.....hahahaha