Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Of Boobquakes and SlutWalks

SlutWalk seems to be the new ‘Boobquake’. Twitter can’t stop talking about it, news sites are giving it a lot of coverage (I don’t know about newspapers, I’m going green) while I’ve even heard my fellow women passengers in the train vehemently appreciate a ‘daring’ and ‘bold’ movement like that.

So for the uninitiated, here’s your SlutWalk gyaan

Just a few questions, though. 

Does a man’s sexual beast awaken only when a woman is ‘half-clothed’? True that perhaps skin show excites him a little more than he normally would have been, but how about the zillion times I’ve been fully covered, in a three-fourth sleeved kurta and jeans, no cleavage showing, but still had a lewd remark or a boob graze strewn my way? How do you explain this molestation? The amount of times I’ve had to hit molesters on the head with the binding of my book till they wince is not funny. I can safely say I haven’t been showing any skin at any of those times (since I don’t wear revealing clothes), but have had my fair share of eve-teasing thrown my way.

The worst part? One generally can’t do anything about it. There usually isn’t any use retaliating when you hurl your dirtiest swear word back at these men, or worse hit back, because they’re generally used to all this and more. You do it for your satisfaction, but realize you don’t really get any. Slowly you get used to being molested like this, without it playing on your head all day. What do you do but get used to it really, except sit at home?

That is how sad the state of affairs has become.

But then on the other hand are the men who would never utter a lewd word about any woman, even if she was walking naked on the road. Laugh all you want, but I do know men like that. They’d help bash up anyone who troubles random women, let alone women who are their friends or family. Don’t we all know such men, too? Just proves it takes all kinds to make up the male species.

So how do you explain the mentality of a man, really?

And as women, don’t we judge other women who are provocatively dressed? I know I do. I judge a girl who’s wearing a really tiny skirt that barely covers her butt. I know I think a zillion times before I wear something I think is remotely revealing. “Is my cleavage showing?”, “Are the boobs looking too big?” Questions most of us ask ourselves each morning as we dress up.

Are we really as liberated in our own heads as we make ourselves out to be? We fear being judged by all and sundry when we wear certain types of clothing – and the fear rarely has to do with molestation. We fear how we are perceived by everyone around us. If we aren’t confident of whether what we’re doing is right or wrong, don’t expect anyone else around to reassure you either.

Remember, slutty is in the mind. You are as slutty as you think you are. No one else holds the right to call you that, as long as you don’t call yourself that, either.

Happy SlutWalking!


Pankaaz said...

I have been involved in bashing up guys in my junior college passing idiotic comments on girls wear full formal clothes as it was college policy.
Its all in the mind!

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

The one girl on campus who goes around branding girls as sluts and criticizing the way other girls dress, behind their backs is participating in the Slutwalk. Just the other day, I was wondering what all of this means any how.

Push Vs Pull said...

Thought Provoking!
I'll spread the word about this post, since it's not too long & boring.

Thank you for taking your time of busy schedule and writing this post.

Tujja Aabhaari :)

Ms Right said...

Moooooooing!! in agreement. Even I know men who can bash someone up for eve-teasing and also know women dressing down (literally) to roll eyeballs and much more.

And trust me this is a scenario around the globe not just in our country. somethings just don't change.

amusingveracity said...

oh yeah ofcourse.. Happy Slutwalking!!

jasmine said...

Keep it rocking. Guys who do see girls the not so good way are the same irrespective of what the girl wears..and for some people it's the girls's fault if she's the victim..wish people would change and see us girls as humans who need their own rights instead of branding us as feminists whose job is protesting..I guess
Good blog :)

Girish said...

This post is pathetic and cheap!
Stop being so narrow-minded.