Thursday, March 24, 2011


Aargh! I've been tagged by The Monkeykong, Prince of Apes. Highly silly tag, if you ask me, but whatever. A mandatory blog update was due, so what better option than a useless tag thingummy? So here goes.

A) Five things in my room:

1. An invisible bed. It houses everything - books, diaries, underwear, lots of clothes, bedsheets. Everything except sleeping space. If you've ever lost anything, chances are, you'll find it on my bed.
2. A dead cockroach. It's been there for 3 weeks. I'm hoping it'll slowly disintegrate into nothingness soon. 
3. My suitcase full of books. I'm still in the process of figuring out where to keep them books so they won't gather dust and dog-ears. 
4. My gym bag, that's big enough to use while moving continents. 
5. A tent. I don't know what it's doing there, exactly, but it was always there since I moved. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. 

B) Five things in my bag:

1. My notebook. You never know when inspiration strikes, although Mr. Murphy always gives me flashes of insight only when I'm on the pot or eating extremely cheesy pizza.
2. A blue pouch with essentials - lootttsss of pens, kajal, lip balm, housekeys, pen drives, chocolates and other stuff that's best not mentioned on this family blog. I think I can survive on a deserted island if I'm equipped with my signature blue pouch - kajal to look good at all times and the back of the pen to dig my nose with. 
3. An empty packet of Happydent gum. The box is too nice to throw. 
4. My bandanna
5. An envelope with my dad's writing on it. I carry that around everywhere. Looking at it helps me miss home less on days I'm homesick, miserable and about to throw a tantrum.

C) Five things in my wallet: 
1. (Hardly any) money
2. A cute note from Becky, from the time she gifted me the wallet. 
3. A picture of someone who I should probably discard (from my life and the wallet...and no, it's not the ex).
4. My railway ID from 7 years ago, with a picture of me from my REAL FATNESS days.
5. Lots of old bills that fatten my wallet up and deceive me into thinking there's something of real value in it.

And since the tag was a bit boring, I'm going to try and spice it up by adding other random categories:

D) The five most favourite things about my house:

1. My twin fin babies - Chilli Pepper and Xplode happily swimming around in the tank. On a side note, how do you get one kid to stop biting the other's buttock off?
2. The wash basin decorated with flashing blue lights, stocked with alcohol! It's the coolest Daaru ka Basin, ever.
3. The terrace. Depressed? Upset? Our terrace is just the place for you.*
4. The mad graffiti on the walls.
5. The thinking corner of the house, where ideas, words, thoughts flow effortlessly, like puke after much drinking.

*Conditions apply

E) Five rules of the house:

1) No smoking inside (unless you're a REALLY special friend).
2) No saying 'Oh you have goldfish? They generally die in 30 days!' (Although two people have majorly broken the rule.)
3) Touch books / DVDs without permission (this leads to a war fought with nothing less deadlier than bazookas)
4) No bringing animals into the house while I'm around. One dog is bad enough. The fish are an exception, though.
5) Ask me to cook khichdi all the time. 

And that's about all I have time for, folks. Do take up the tag, spread the vellaness, add more categories. For now, I tag: 

1) The Cat.
2) Chippy.
3) The Baby Girl.
4) Shayon.
5) Dormerpin
6) Prem Piyush
7) The Wiseass


rakshas said...

:)) your house seems a place to be put up in the map of bangalore with bling lights.... somewhere i have to visit on my 'la pedrosa'... :) for a lot of inspiration mixed with stuff from the 'coolest basin'.....

Pushkaraj Shirke said...

its so cool only coz its MY house :P outherwise it would have been just another COWSHED :P :D

Shayon said...

Finally did the tag on my blog :)

Nick said...

Really nice pink color. Had to struggle to read. worth it though :-l