Monday, March 28, 2011

I sat on the bench,
Looking around for
A face familiar, a bird
I could identify.
Ears strained for the chirp
Of a bird,
The sound of
A laugh, footsteps, a whisper.

I waited. All around was
Unfamiliarity. All was cold.
All I heard
Was silence.
I waited.
For what?

A hug from
A friend?
A man's closeness?
The sound of
A child's giggle?
I knew not.
But wait I did.

I got up. Left.
Alone, still alone.
As alone as ever.
As alone as when
I had walked in.
As alone as
I was yesterday.

As alone as
I would be,

Always alone.


rakshas said...

to say you have talent is passe... thats what you are born with blessed with.. keep it up kiddo!!... and this one, want to give you a hug...knowing very well how it feels for you! i felt something like this for a long long time!

Vikas Chandra said...

loved the ending.
alone is the coolest thing..but its on perspective.
keep writing
shine on

Detached Attachment said...

Being Lonely - somethng every1 knows knows - but i think you have crafted the words in a vivid and lively sense...

Continue Moo-ing(or is it mooo-ing)


S. said...

its a sad one.
Don't like sad from you.