Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm terribly upset right now.

Upset, for being stupid enough not to have secured one thing in hand; instead chasing two uncertain ones.

Upset, because I know I tried my best.

Upset, because it wasn't my fault.

Upset, because I am to blame.

Upset, because I am still new at this.

Upset, because both things went bust, in spite of having the sense to have a back-up.

Upset, because life isn't fair at all. And the realisation sucks.

Upset, because I can't Ctrl+Z life.

Upset, because some people get away with doing nothing.

Upset, because that's all I can do.



WiseAss said...

My dear child, all we can do is be upset, cry a little, learn a bit and move on. We can NEVER be one of those who get away with doing nothing. And anyway, do you really WANT to grow as a person without making mistakes?

* loads of hugs and tonnes of kisses *

Sakshi said...

tsk tsk- Smile and the world around will smile. All will be well again. Trust me. Hugs and kisses.

Meghana Naidu said...

Meg's Projectfuckup rule

*Project work
*Ctrl+S screwups
*group members
If the above variables are integrated into the internal circuit, the set-up will show erratic behaviour.

SO its all meant to happen.

PS: im randomly assuming it invovles the above.
But lots of strength and energy for anything that u have to deal with! ;)

Sreejit said...

Life isnt fair always, but then some day when you look back, it would all be worth it. Believe me, most times whatever happens, happens for the good.

Cheer up and keep blogging.


chandni said...

why why why?

Cheer up!