Sunday, November 30, 2008

It really is a spirit after all....

The worst is over, or so it's said. But is it really so? How much time will be spent before some more families get orphaned? Some more parents become childless? A hundred odd innocent people die? 'Spirit of Mumbai', be darned. It's just an easy way to ignore the real fears that lurk within the common Mumbaikar's heart.

Is this the last time I'm seeing my family?

What if this is my last kiss with her?

Let's get married soon...Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us?

More than a hundred dead. Simply because they were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. People hurrying home from work to be with kids. Individuals visiting friends from outstation. A friend's friend throwing a bachelor party at Cafe Leopold, to be married in the next ten days. Shot dead. Why? Because no one has any control over what's happening in the city. Isn't it sad, that less than 50 people, who had no business being here in the first place, had a city of millions hostage for around three days? That even the city's best cops had to die fighting, before the menace was curbed?

Anyway, there are messages floating everywhere, about how we should stop blaming the government and media and do something ourselves. Like what, exactly? Light candles outside windows? How will that help anyone? Join zillions of "condemn-Mumbai-terrorist-attacks" groups on Facebook? Who cares, really? Do I have a remedy? Not really. But do I have a right to feel safe in the city I live in? Certainly, I do. But I don't know who to blame but the government, really. Are you meaning to tell me, that no one in the country knew about the terror attacks? That there was no level of corruption at any rank in the bureaucracy, be it the government level, the police level or the Intelligence level? That no one in the Taj hotel's security force was bribed to gain entry?

It's a shame how easy it is getting, to hold an entire city hostage and even escape, as some of the terrorists did. I think the best way to handle these guys is to hand them over to the public, giving them permission to kill them any way they want. ....And then see what happens. That might give a few grieving souls some peace of mind, if nothing else. And shoot the Human Rights bastards first, if they dare interfere in any way.

How unfortunate, that the entire city's morale is down, at the time of birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and other 'happy' occasions.

In retrospect, you know what? Perhaps the terrorists have succeeded after all.

Here's saluting the "spirit of Mumbai".


G@K said...

Frankly, we all are quite peeved about the so called "spirit of mumbai". It is nothing but a phrase coined to avoid calling ourselves mindless drones. Drones who do nothing but work to earn money. As far as the messages doing rounds, shove them right up the governments ass. By all means participate in the light-a-candle, contribute in whatever way to ease the ones hurt or do whatever you wanna participate in, but don't you for one instant forget this incident. Demand an explanation from the damned govt. All I ask is that we don't end up forgetting this incident like the countless others we have just wiped off our memories.

chandni said...

sigh! this is still not over...

I don't even know how to deal with this anymore...