Friday, October 17, 2008

This is how Good Relations woos journalists

My colleague received the following epistle from Good Relations, a PR firm. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that we didn’t comply to Good Relations’ wish (you’ll know what wish from the letter), but we printed it exactly as it came to us, and gave our readers a good laugh. Hence, ladies and gentlemen, I present before you, Good Relations’ invite to us. Please note that I have not tampered with the punctuation and spellings in any way. Thank you.

As discussed awhile ago, This was regarding our Chairman Mr. Anthony B M Good – also own as the father as the PR industry.

In 1988, is when Mr. Good came to India and saw the need of an exclusive PR Agency and thats how he started Good Relations India.

Good Consultancy, UK was the first PR Firm to be listed on the LSE.

We would be glad to organize you meeting with Mr. Good on September 30, 2008 where he could discuss the PR Industry scenario, how corporate have started recognizing the efforts put in by PR consultancies than investing in ATL and BTL activities. Attached please find his profile fo you reference.

Please look forward to your response.

Heehee! My favourite has to be ‘also own as the father as the PR industry’ and ‘please look forward to your response’. What’s yours?


G@K said...

"fo you reference"??? What are (is that racist o' me? Shd i b sayin african-americans instead???

Gentle Whispers said...

Good Relations sucks... They have the most annoying PR people around..

chandni said...

too much fun!

by the way am reading the udder blog too...but can't leave a comment!

DoubleDrats said...

Good God.