Monday, June 09, 2008

Free advice? Erm...Put it where the monkey puts its nuts.

Right. So everything you care to mention is expensive. Food, vegetables, milk, clothes, travel, everything. You name it, and it's ready to rip your pocket to shreds. But know what should be charged? Like REALLY made costly? Advice. If you think about it, there really needs to be some system, where, if you offer advice that hasn't been called for, your bank account registers a serious low in funds. Because I don't think anything else can get it through people's thick heads to SHUT THE FUCKING HELL UP.

I was talking to Snooty a while back, to help me decipher an email from a prospective employer. This employer person spoke about hiring people as trainees, etc., and I kind of have a problem with that. Not because I want a job that offers me an executive post or something, but just that, I hate having to go back to job that pays me just 4 or 5 thousand (and that was part time. So it was good, actually). But if I'm going to work full time, I might as well get paid more than 10 thousand, to say the least. I don't want a BIG PAY PACKAGE, goodness knows I'm still a fresher. Not an unreasonable expectation, right? If someone's paying me 10 - 15 thousand AND still wants to hire me as a trainee, I don't really see what's the problem. I want to learn, in any case, but personally I don't see anything wrong with having some money on the side.

So yes, Snooty used to work at this same company I want to get into, and so does Zander. Impatient little twit that I am, I didn't wait for Zander to call me back, but decided to clear some things with Snooty . I was already kind of depressed with the fact that my chances at this place are almost negligible (apparently they've already hired trainees and other assorted blah), so I didn't really know how to gauge the situation. Did these people hire all freshers as trainees? If they didn't, did they pay trainees really less? And how long do you remain a trainee? What logically followed was asking Snooty about it. After patiently listening to him lecture me about how careful one must be while giving a subbing test and reading and re-reading every syllable, and how it's not okay to make mistakes, I asked him what I wanted to know. Did these people pay trainees really less?

What followed was an indignant outburst from him. He starts with See, THIS is what I don't like about you. What do you care how much they pay trainees? Even if they pay you 3 thousand, be glad they're taking you. First prove yourself and then talk about payment.

Ok done? Thanks. This coming from a person, who is a cynic to the innermost atom of his body, who cribs about everything that happens on the blessed planet, who thinks his company wastes money on unnecessary things when he's made to go on a junket to Germany, who is quitting a job he joined three months back because he wants to go back to a place he hated (but payment is an issue!), and who basically has been in the field for not more than 4 years, and is all of 25 years old, but pretends to be 80.

I don't mind when people advise me as well-wishers. I don't mind when the criticism they have to offer is constructive. I don't even mind when they tell me that I suck, in a nice way, providing good reasons as to why they think so, and trying to help me get better (if they're an expert, or better than me). However, I do not appreciate it if you don't answer a straight question, get me wrong, offer advice about a completely irrelevant issue and make me feel like a jackass. I'm sorry, I don't need to hear that from you. And why should I? Just because you think you've seen the world? Just because you think you're older and wiser? And don't pretend money isn't an issue. Especially you. And especially since you don't know what difficulty the other person must in. Maybe I need the money. Can't that be a possibility?

In short, don't be idealistic for people. You haven't been appointed by God Almighty to remind His subjects of their forgotten ideals and values. I think I'll just cut to the chase and tell you to get a life. Or sort your own out. And while you're at it, just leave me alone, ok? Thank you.

Note to self: No one cares about you as much as Zander does, neither does anyone talk as much sense. So the next time, stop hopping about and wait for his take on matters, will ya?


Anonymous said...

heloo moo

If only I'd get a penny every time I got that from someone, I'd own google - and your blog.

The only way around, quite frankly, is to do it the old way. Ignore, nod, goodbye. Just let it out off the other ear.

Even try and mess up the wrongly assumed ratio between know-it-all-advice-giver & don't-know-anything-fresh-entrant ratio, you're in for some more of the unwelcome gibberish.

Seriously, give it a try; works for me.

kochab said...

I agree with Mr/Ms ? Anonymous ..if I got a not even a penny...if I got a paisa everytime someone gave me some kind of advice.. I would be a f*&^%$g millionaire and God knows I could use the money! Lately I have started spacing out once it seems to me a conversation is going that direction. Anyway...bloghopping the entire day (when I should have been studying/working) has brought me here, so I decided to stop by and say hello.

WiseAss said...

Stupid could have taken advice from good ole Sheroo, who's ALWAYS online...we could have bitched, explored no options and finally blamed it on the Eucalyptus.

See, ain't I nice?

Anonymous said...

Keep THIS IN mind

you're in for some more of the unwelcome gibberish.

Best way is Ignore, will make life simple to live. Don't let people get to you when they start just ask them to "SHUT UP"

G@K said...

Errrrr...I have a question...Where exactly does the monkey put its nuts?

Over Rated said...

People like Snooty really piss me off. These are the same kind of people who drink their own urine to be able to live longer. And they don't mind discussing the mole on their ass while you have dinner. Ugh.

If I were in your place I would've called Snooty a Sanctimonious S.O.B.
(Pardon my French)

Also, in the note to self, do you imply that I don't talk any sense?
*frowns & wonders*

mistercrowley said...


Mee said...

Where do monkeys put their hangies anyway? And how are you so familiar with monkeys' habits and likings???

Is Snooty a monkey?

Punch him in the nose. Then kick him in the gut.

wanderingalone said...

hey moo....this is da first time i read ur blog.....
n i so totally agree wit u!!!

da next time i get adviced, i'm gonna tell da guy,
"dude, UP UR'S!!!!!"

hehehehe had fun reading ur work....keep it up!!!
will drop by later....