Friday, September 21, 2007

When friends misunderstand...

I feel badly battered. Beaten up. Knocked out cold.

Aren't those the feelings you go through, when someone you call your friend misconstrues you totally and gives you hell for something you didn't even do? What's more, didn't even mean to do? Aren't friends the people who you'd want to understand you, no matter how obscure or unreasonable you are? If they don't want to be as nice and understanding as they'd like you to believe, why put up an image? And for who's benefit?

I think I lost a friend today. And I still don't know why. Was it me? Was it him? Was it both of us? Or was it the lack of confrontation? Was it something else? With both of us having egos the size of giant rogue elephants, will it ever be the same again? Do I want it to be the same again?

Not after what happened. Do I need people like that in my life?


G@K said...

Friends are those who can forgive each other even when something disastrous happens between them.
I think you and your friend both should set aside your bruised egos and try discussing the situation.
After all there is no scarcity of friends in this world, but true friends come once in a while

Anonymous said...

i say you "MAKE SOME" and you "BREAK SOME".

@ donnie :)

WiseAss said...


atul said...

Read that blog 6 months from now. If stuff remains unanswered, may be it should be. :)