Saturday, August 31, 2013

Recipe for Unhappiness

Do you know the recipe for unhappiness?

It's quick and easy. Just follow the steps.

1) Find the biggest cup you can find and fill it up with tears.

2) Next, take one large scoop of disappointment and add to the tears. Mix well.

3) Take a large pan and put in two large spoonfuls of disillusionment. Bring it to a boil on a high flame of pent up fury. Once boiled, let it simmer.

4) Add the best pieces from your broken heart, stir well.

5) Add a large portion of unfulfilled dreams while you keep stirring. Remember to turn up the flame at this point.

6) When the mixture begins smelling of hopelessness, add the tears and disappointment. Keep stirring till it boils.

7) Turn down the flame and take the pan off the gas.

8) Garnish with loneliness for added flavour.

9) Serve very, very cold.

Easy, innit?


ARAF karim said...

I don't want it.

All The Best.

Rija Yousuf said...

I want to hug you.

Brajmohan Kumar said...

this too shall pass...
keep going

Pushkaraj S Shirke said...

but then you get a mega awesome koalacuddleTM and all is well again. its all gets digested and bllarrrfggtretyytteed out as looose potty! that too 'kopryaaat basoooon'.